Who says one cannot eat healthy while traveling? It might take some effort but it is all worth it.

1.) Take It On The Go.

Bring snacks! The worst culprit of poor eating on vacation is allowing yourself to get hungry on the go. If you're ready for these moments with healthy snacks that you prepared at home or at the hotel you won't be grabbing for whatever the next vendor has in sight.

2.) Find Natural Ingredients.

Chips, soda, alcohol, and fried foods are abundant on vacations, but if you're going to indulge in all of these items then you also need to mix in some natural ingredients. Look for clean healthy foods with the fewest possible ingredients and additives to add to your meals. Try to eat at least one piece of fruit or veg at each sitting.

3.) Don't Be Afraid To Explore.

Many people feel like they're trapped in a resort if they choose to stay in a tropical destination, but many of these places allow visitors to head out into the local life as well. Ask where the safe areas are in the region where tourists are welcome, and head out to see what is available to eat. You might be surprised to find some delicious and healthy items during your excursion.

4.) Choose Quality Over Speed.

Fast food is a vacation essential because it's quick to grab and you can eat it on the go. If you're planning a road trip, or a vacation with a lot of travel, it might be wise to have dried fruit, nuts, and trail mix on hand for those hungry moments. If you have a cooler you can also pack bottled water, sandwiches, and fresh veggie sticks for the road.

5.) Ask Around.

Locals know how to eat and where to get the best produce, so if you're in an area where you can speak to a few people who live in the community that you're visiting ask them if they know of any great restaurants where the food is good, but not too greasy.

6.) Plan Ahead.

If you want to eat healthily on vacation, sometimes the best way to get around the fast food craze is to plan ahead. Scout the area you'll be in and see what is available as far as meals go. If you sense that you won't be able to eat much of a healthy variety of fruits and veggies in that region, for example, you try to locate a nearby grocery store and get a supply of the essentials on hand in your hotel.

7.) Don't Drink Your Calories.

Vacation time sometimes means wine and beer time, and while it's nice to kick back with a cold one a few times while you're away, you don't want to spend your time drinking your calories when you could be sampling delicious foods from your new destination. Try to keep the drinking to a minimum; one glass of wine with dinner or a beer at sunset.

8.) Indulge Once In A While.

When you travel there are plenty of opportunities to overindulge, especially if you're at an all-inclusive resort. The key to eating healthily even when you have free reign over your meal plans is to let loose once or twice and keep the rest of your eating to a healthy minimum. This means choosing two nights out of the week when you can really go nuts and have that all you can eat breakfast or get seconds of the surf and turf at dinner.