The entire world is connected via the internet, and it's only becoming a bigger staple for business and communication every day. Fortunately, as the industry grows, service providers are upping their game, producing greater leaps in convenience, and a farther reach in signal and quality of service. In fact, the competition is getting so intense, it can be difficult to know which wireless broadband internet service providers are worth a second look, and which aren't.

Mobile Broadband:

Mobile broadband is slightly newer than fixed broadband, but is quickly becoming a popular choice for internet access across the world. The concept of mobilizing high speed internet has made it possible to read email, download movies, and shop online from just about anywhere, and on any WiFi compatible device. Whether you're using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you have the constant convenience of internet on the go.

Some countries use mobile broadband more prevalently than others. In countries like Japan, for example, having a WiFi stick is common practice, and even most hotels provide them in client rooms for use in the city. In the United States, popularity is growing, but many families still chose fixed broadband, or mobile phone connectivity over mobile broadband tools.

Mobile USB internet sticks sell on average between $100 to $200, and the price per month of internet usage depends on the amount of data you are using, as well as the company tht you have chosen to provide it. Verizon Wireless, for example, offers packages from as low as 2-3GB for $40/ month to 12GB for $90/ month. They also have a number of options in between, more than any other provider on the market, aside from U.S. Cellular, which also offers a 1 to 1.5GB option.

Other wireless broadband internet service providers in this field include T-Mobile, H20 Wireless, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and AT&T.

Fixed Broadband:

Wireless broadband internet service providers don't only offer service for those on the go, you can use WiFi at home to connect all of your devices to one internet connection. These service providers may differ from the ones who specialize in mobile technology. Most fixed broadband companies, have reasonable rates, which range anywhere from $14.99/month to $75.00/month. There are a few businesses, such as Verizon, which market their connection to big businesses and supply special features for $274.99/month.

The most popular of the fixed providers is by far Comcast, which provides service to 40 states. With contract lengths of one year, streaming service capabilities, 10GB of email storage, they have captured the market for many who are seeking home internet services. Other providers worth mentioning are Cox, AT&T, Sudden Link, Charter, and Time Warner Cable.

If you're looking for the best in wireless broadband internet service providers, check with friends and family for referrals, before spending some time researching customer reviews, rates, and internet speed. Remember that not all American broadband companies supply the same service in every state, and it can pay off to spend a little more on a better connection.

Prices of mobile service providers are constantly fluctuating, being discounted during promotions, or raised with an increase in demand. Do some extra digging to determine if any companies are offering special rates at the time you plan to buy.