Everybody wants really fast internet. However, there are so many high speed internet service providers out there that finding the one that is right for you may feel somewhat overwhelming. Very few people are still on dial-up, thankfully. If you are still on that system, know that any type of internet you are able to get will be quicker. However, you often have to sign up to quite lengthy contracts, which means that you need to take a lot of different things into consideration in order to make sure you get the one that is right for you.

Types of High Speed Internet Service Providers:

If you are looking for high speed internet service providers, you should start by finding out the types that exist. First of all, there is the DSL provider, which stands for "digital subscriber line". This is a form of technology whereby the computer connects to the internet using the telephone line that is wired in your area. This is a digital connection, which means you can use your telephone and be online at the same time. Compared to the traditional dial up, it is about 50 times faster and it is the most popular type of internet service used in the world. The bandwidth of this form of internet is also more consistent than those of cable modems, although this depends on the condition of wiring in your geographical location.

Then, there is the cable service provider. This is the fastest kind of internet around at present. It connects through the same cable used in providing cable television service. If you live in an area that has coverage by the main internet cable companies, you should be able to connect to this with ease. Compared to traditional dial up, this connection is about 70 times faster.

You may also have come across terms such as EV-DO, wireless internet broadband, and WiFi. These are services provided by a wireless service provider. They have around 35 times the speed of traditional dial up and are some of the most popular services around, which means they are also very easy to get. It is possible to access a wireless provider at home, in libraries, coffee shops, hospitals, shops, and any other location that offers the service. It is a satellite internet provider and is particularly good for people who travel frequently and always want to be online.

Last but not least, there is the satellite service, which is the most expensive of all. It is very rare for people to sign up to this, unless there really are no other types of connections available in your area. If, for instance, you live in a remote rural part of the country, where there is neither DSL nor cable, then this may be the only solution out there for you. It is a lot quicker than the traditional dial up connection, which is certainly a benefit, but the high price is a huge drawback. That said, if it is the only way for people to get online, then they are often willing to pay it.