Senior Cell Phone Plans

These cell phone plans for the seniors are there to facilitate the old age people who are living alone and whose income and earnings are not enough to have the costly cell phone packages to communicate with their loved ones living outside city or country for their job and business. Some companies focus on this issue and come up with the best solution with the variety of best cell phone plans that are friendly and less complicated, providing services at low cost, the bills of that plans never shocked them in term of huge amount rather they feel no burden on them. The cellular companies that are providing their services with best cellular plan are describe, let have a look on them.

Top Cell phone plans Providers for the seniors:

  • Best unlimited plan given by the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan
  • Best overall Senior Plan named as GreatCall Plans
  • Best monthly plan called as Republic Wireless Phone Plan
  • Best plan without contract- FreedomPop phone plan
  • Plan with best features known as AT&T Senior Phone Plan
  • Best Coverage plan- Verizon Senior Phone Plan
  • Most Affordable Plan- Consumer Cellular Phone Plan

There are different perceptions of each people know a days and they are well equipped with the technology and the advancement around the globe and most of the senior citizens are try to have their own smart phone in their hands. Cell phones for the some seniors are like the mental peace and comfort because they know that they have their phone and they can contact their beloved on just one click using the cell phones services. According to the Research department of the PEW, Out of ten seniors four have now their own Cell phones, which is double in rate then in 2013.

Best Cell phone plans for the seniors:

The best plan providers of Cell phone for seniors mentioned above as their companies name the particular plans are given respectively:

T-Mobile their services rating is 4.9 out of 5 tells the success of the plans they are giving to the senior customers.

Package Information: the unlimited 55+ plan includes the talk time, text services and           data packages unlimited all along in same plan also include the data about 50 GB available per month it allows you to enjoy the web browsing for 2500 hours with no additional charges and taxes and the monthly charges will be deducted from your account automatically on the plan subscription date.

Cost: The total cost for this plan is $27.50 to $45 per month.

GreatCall the overall rating of this company is 4.1 out of 5, they are providing their services by two correspondents phone offerings, one is lively Flip and the other is Jitterbug smart2.

Lively Flip Plan: Their phones having the large buttons and backlit keypad, this phone is easy to use for the seniors.

Cost of Lively Flip: its offerings starts from $14.99 for 200 minutes for talk and $3.00 for 300 text message services monthly, it is not a smartphone so data is not available at this set.

Jitterbug Smart2: As the name suggests that it is smart phone specially designed for the older people friendly use with the oversize buttons and better options with unique designs, that help them to stay connect with their families by video calling etc.

Cost of Jitterbug Smart2: the cost is same as the lively flip but the additional cost is including of data charges which is $2.49 per month for 40 MB, if you need more than that you have option to pay $30 for the 2.5GB data per month. There is no contract you can cancel it any time when you don’t want it.

Republic Wireless it is four rated company out of five in providing best plan to the seniors their motive is to give monthly subscription and 4G LTE coverage nationwide, and 14 day money-back option for their consumer. You can use their service on your own phone and also on the phones offered by republic wireless in great range and smart.

Cost per Month: the package cost of republic wireless plan per month is $15 for unlimited calls and messages with addition of $5 per GB per month. The drawback of their services is that they are only operating in US and never supportive for the iOS.

FreedomPop This company is 3.9 overall in public opinion out of 5. They are not giving you long term plan and bounding, their plan is free up to 200 minutes. They offers best and free plans to the seniors in terms of VoIP, it is reliable and cost effective for the seniors.

Cost Plan of FreedomPop: You have to purchase their headsets cost for only $49.99 for the activation and $149.99 retail price of phone,  then they offers you 200 initial call talk minutes and 500 MB data for free then if you need more then you buy it in $24.99 monthly for unlimited calls, texts and 2 GB data. The drawbacks of having this plan, is limited package offer and it is not senior supported phone.

AT&T this company offers some specially design and featuring phone for the seniors known as AT&T Seniors National Plan. This plan includes the 65 or more age people and provides them 200 minutes anytime, unlimited minutes by mobile to mobile of same AT&T users. This offer does not give the data because it is for basic phones.

Cost: This National Senior plan cost you $29.99 per month and if you want more data then you have to look another plan of $40 for unlimited data and calls.

Verizon This Company is providing their services through the unlimited cell phone data, single device and international cell phone plans. The rating of their services among the people liking is 3 out of 5. They are offering you varieties of headsets, tablets, smart phones on their store and through online services.

Cost having this Plan:

Their plans is starting from $40 on monthly basis, that including the calls, texts and data unlimited. You are bound to have a contract with them in order to avail their services.