It would be great if you had a personal trainer who could work out with you every day. For most of us; however, that is not practical. We are generally on our own, trying to follow a fitness plan by ourselves. Fortunately, there are some apps out there now, which can really help to keep you fit, healthy, and in shape. Here are some of the top fitness apps to try.

1.) Nike Training Club

This app has over a hundred exclusive workouts in a number of different categories. Every one of the workouts comes with an audio guide that walks you through the exercises to complete, mixing in the verbal cues with your own selection of music. You can tell the app about your current fitness goals and levels, and it will scan its selection of exclusive workouts, to show you those that are the best match for your needs. When you run across a new exercise, there are video demos that show you just how to do it. This free app is available for Apple iOS and Android.

2.) GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer

This app features routines from a number of different A-list personal trainers. You can set up customized routines that match your individual fitness goals. There are routines here for just about everybody, from yoga fanatics to basketball players. Each workout includes audio instructions and motivational messages. The app can track your workouts on the calendar, and remind you when it's time for another session. This free app is available for Apple iOS.

3.) LogsItAll

This is a very popular fitness app based on CrossFit workouts. You will find a complete collection of these CrossFit workouts, including Cindy, Helen, Fran, Murph, J.T., and more. It includes the CrossFit benchmark workouts, and more than sixty additional types of exercises come pre-loaded. You simply let the app know which workouts you have already done, and the app takes it from there. You can share your progress with other CrossFit fans around the world.

4.) Fitness Builder Plus

This unique app lets you select a personal trainer who is live-streamed to guide you through your workout. You have a choice of more than 750 pre-programmed workouts, and you can also create your own custom routines by dragging and dropping individual images and videos to create the sequence you want. There are extended exercise plans, which cover weeks or months, and help you build toward a larger goal. Free for one month, then a monthly fee. This free app is available for Apple iOS and Android.

5.) Jefit

With this app, you need to put in the effort to customize your own workout routines at the beginning, but that is not a difficult task. There are more than 1,300 different moves in the database, and you can select which ones you want and put them in sequence as you like. When you have set up your personal workout routine, the app will guide you through it. It also tracks your progress, and has an active community of users on its social media websites, which can help you keep going when your motivation is running low.