Because the laws in most states are extremely strict with regards to how to get rid of pesky birds, you have to get pretty creative when it comes to ways to reclaim ownership of your property. The fact is that as much of a nuisance as they can be, we really need to learn to co-exist with them in order to keep our ecosystem in balance. In most cases, birds are likely to be the best protectors for your gardens and plants than anything else you might use. Most of them are insect eaters and are not interested in consuming your hard work. Still, they can leave quite a bit of damage to your property if too many collect in one place. So when you need to get rid of nuisance birds from your property your best course of action should be to use natural bird deterrents.

Visual Bird Deterrents:

You've probably noticed CDs hanging from trees around your area. These are often used to discourage birds from entering your garden. Certain birds will be wary of the reflection and resist going into the area. If you don't have CDs then use any type of shiny material, aluminum foil, shiny metallic ribbon, or foil lids from containers all work the same. If you don't have the time or the money to invest in the more expensive means of bird repellents, this is probably the most economical option you can take.

You can also use the age old strategy of putting up a scarecrow in your garden or field but this only works if you have the space to put one up. A better option is to find out what your birds' natural predators are (a hawk, owl, or a snake work very well) and place a large cutout in the area. Place it in or near your garden space and watch the birds as they make their escape. Make sure you move it from time to time so the birds don't actually figure out that it's not real.

Organic Bird Deterrents:

Your garden is a natural food source so some things you can grow can work well as natural bird deterrents. For example, creating a spray of garlic oil, rhubarb or any other food source with a strong but unpleasant odor can be very effective in deterring birds from getting into your garden space. You'll find that there are many different types of plants that give off natural odors or have unpleasant effects on them when they get near them. Birds will instinctively know that these odors are a warning that they should stay away. Some people use chilies and salt spray on the plants to keep them away.

The good news is that many of these natural bird deterrents can also be effective in ridding your garden of other pests as well. The trick is to find the natural balance so that you and your birds can live in harmony. When everything is done the natural way you'll find that maintaining your garden free of nuisance birds is possible.