It is disease related to mental health also known as Manic disorder, in this disease the patient suffer from abrupt mood change which consist of high emotions called as hypomania and low emotions known as depression. In this disease you will remain hopeless and in deep sorrows denied all the pleasure and felt yourself responsible for all bad happenings. These circumstances of moods heavily affect your energy level, less interest in activities, attitudes, sleeping patterns, etc. it can attack on your brain several times in a year or in some cases the ratio is low depend on the person mental health stability. Basically there are two basic methods, one is medication and other is the psychological trainings in order to treat or minimize the effect of mania.


Symptoms of this disease are as follows:

  • Un necessary high rate of sex
  • Decrease in the demand of sleep
  • Hesitant in the speaking ability
  • Less eating patterns
  • Confused and detraction is easy
  • Angry behavior sometime aggressive or destroyed

Bipolar types:

The types of this disorder are:

  • Bipolar I disorder: in this situation you have minimum of one mental depression attack that will leads toward the hypomania, by the studies it was seen that this disorder may put cut of the person from the real world particularly known as pyschosis.
  • Bipolar II disorder: for this type if you have at least one severe attack of depressive and hypomania but you never got the manic condition.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: at this level, you are under the effect in childhood or in young age for one to two years but not at severe stage just as minor attacks.
  • Other symptoms types: In this stage, if you take more alcohol and drugs you are having bipolar disorder.

Features of Bipolar:

It is found that the second type Bipolar II is different from the Bipolar I in identifications, but the manic condition of Bipolar I may be severe and difficult to handle, while Bipolar II is long lasting in time period but not in term of effectiveness. This disease may attack on any person at any stage of life but found more at the teenagers and the symptoms can vary from one to other person. It is very common at pregnancy stage and diminished after some time

When to consult the doctor:

People suffering from this disease never have an idea whether they are in attack of disease or is it the normal routine moods? But this is very critical because due to this disease attack you may lost their lives and their lovely relations in extreme episodes of bipolar. So if you feel some disturbance in your mood and you became angry on little things you may consult your doctor specialist in bipolar and mania disorders treatment.

It is also seen that in these circumstances the patient enjoy the bliss and roundups of activeness. But the euphoria later causes serious emotional breaking that will lead towards the seious depression that will ultimately effects the financial problems, legal issues and put the relation in danger. So to avoid these threats you will have to consult the doctor as soon as you feel some of the earlier symptoms.


There are two possible causes to get this disease such as:

  • Biological differences: in this scenario, the patients of bipolar disease come up with the changes in the brain physically. These changes are not recognize as yet but are important to know and help to study more about the bipolar disorder.
  • Genetics: it is also seen that this disease transmits through the genes as well, scientist are studying about that gene through which this disease transfers.

Risks that enhance this disease:

Factors that are the drivers of this casualty are:

  • Consumption of excessive alcohol and by taking drugs.
  • The situations of high pressure, accident or losing someone close.

Complicated situations:

If this disease does not treat on time then it may causes serious issues like:

  • The patient commit suicide
  • May face financial and legal crisis
  • May destroy his Relations with others


The cure of this disease is not certain and 100 percent but some of the preventive measures at the beginning of the signs of bipolar can minimize the effect of this disorder from worse scenarios. If you are the victim of this disease, some steps of prevention help you to sort out and come out from major damage.

  • Do not become careless about the early signs of disease
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs
  • Be conscious about your medication and proper psychological meeting with your doctor.

Treatment of bipolar disorder:

The best treatment to of bipolar patients can be only given by psychiatrist who is the specialist of this field. Bipolar disorder requires lifelong treatment. It is treated with the combination of medication and psychotherapy in severe cases. Treatment of bipolar includes

Medication:  to manage and stabilize the mood of patient medication is given first of all.

Continued treatment: bipolar patient need to continue their treatment for the long time as it is very necessary to minimize the symptoms and reduce depression.

Day treatment program: when your symptoms are somehow controlled your doctor will recommend you a day treatment program of counseling.

Substance abuse treatment: if anyone is addicted to abuse substances, treatment for this is also given to them.

Hospitalization: if anyone is behaving dangerously, doctor will hospitalize that patient. To normalize and stabilize the mood, or if anyone is having depression, then psychiatric treatment is given at hospital.


Medication depends upon the type of symptoms that Include:

Mood stabilizers: it is recommended to calm and stable the mood that include

  • Lithium
  • Valproic acid
  • Carbamezipine
  • Lamotrigine

Antipsychotic: these include the medication:

  • Olanzapine
  • Risperidone
  • Aripiprazole
  • Asenapine

Antidepressants: these are recommended with mood stabilizer or antipsychotic drugs.

Anti-anxiety medications:  Benzodiazipines is suggested for short term basis to improve sleep and deal with anxiety.

Psychotherapy: this is most important part of treatment for treating bipolar patients. There are many types of therapy that can be helpful.

  • Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Psycho education
  • Family focused therapy.

Treatment in teenagers

Varying from Case to case in teenagers and children treatment is given according to symptoms. Treatment of bipolar in teenagers and children include

  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psycho education
  • Support

Electroconvulsive therapy:

If the patient is not getting better with medications and psychotherapy treatment then ECT is given in which electrical current is passed from the brain which triggers a short seizure. It changes the brain chemistry and might reverse or reduce the symptoms.