Parents love to spend time with their children, but the problem is it can be hard to come up with some unique and different ideas. Whether families don't have a lot of money to spend on certain activities, or they just can't come up with anything fun to do, family time these days seems to be very limited. But with these 7 fun activities to do with your children, neither time, nor money, is an excuse anymore.

1.) One of the first things a family can do, especially if they’re on a budget, is visit a jumping gym. These have become very popular in many communities around the country. It is fun to see kids play and get a lot of exercise by jumping, climbing and running all over the place. Not to mention they're burning off a lot of energy. Admission to these places is generally less than $5 a person, and some gyms offer family discounts.

2.) A photo nature walk is a great way to spend some time together. The kids can take a picture of some of the interesting things that they see. Parents can have the pictures developed, and sit down and talk about what they saw. Perhaps a wild animal was spotted in the woods, or they saw a unique and fun plant or tree. Exercising, fresh air and being one with nature is always a good way to spend quality time together.

3.) There may be no better activity to do with children than to give back to their community. Families can visit the local animal shelter, a retirement home or go to a Veterans Hospital. Children can make artwork and hand them out to the Veterans or residents of the retirement home, or perhaps walk the dogs at the shelter. They will feel great satisfaction knowing they're giving back.

4.) Another fun family activity is visiting a few museums in their community. Maybe it's a history museum, or an art museum, or even a farming museum. It's an educational way for children to learn about the community that they are growing up in.

5.) Families can grab a picnic basket, a blanket and a Frisbee and head down to a local park or beach. Eat some good food, go for a walk and just relax. It really doesn't get any better than that.

6.) Families can spend a rainy or cold day inside watching movies. Decide on a theme and rent movies from the local library. Set up a popcorn stand and candy area in the kitchen to serve as a lobby, and the kids can use tickets to pay for their admission and concessions. A fun, hands-on activity, and a great way to get in some snuggle time.

7.) Families can make some room on the living-room floor, get comfortable and start playing. While this is a fun way for kids and parents to interact, it's also exercising the child's brain.

Family time is important, no matter what the activity, as long as everyone is together and enjoying each other’s company, that’s really all that counts.