Your time in college is an important period in your life. This is the time when most young people figure out what direction they want to take with their lives, and move onto the path they will follow for years to come. It's also a big transition period. Students who have always lived at home with their parents now live in an apartment or on campus, and have freedom and responsibilities they never had before. The college years are also when a lot of young people get into a serious relationship, but that may not be the wisest decision. Here are some reasons to stay single during college.

1.) You Can Maintain Your Independence.

Independence is a very attractive quality, in both men and women. College is a time when young people are moving from a dependent environment at home with their parents, into an independent life on their own. It is an important life transition. Relationships always involve giving up some amount of independence, as you combine your life with someone else's. Don't be too fast to lose that precious sense of independence. Staying single can let you keep this feeling throughout your college years.

2.) This Is Your Chance To Be Wild.

A lot of people are exploring their sexuality during these years, and enjoying their newfound freedom in a variety of wild ways. You may know that at some point you want to start a family and raise kids, but why do you need to get that serious right now? Give yourself the four years of college to experiment and have fun. Your more serious, settled down years will come soon enough.

3.) You Can Learn From Friends' Mistakes.

Some of your college friends will be going through relationships and the associated breakups. It is a tumultuous time, and you're bound to spend some teary nights together as they recount their tales of woe and heartbreak. You can learn something from their mistakes. Perhaps sending him drunken late-night jealous texts wasn't such a good idea after all. Learn from their mistakes, as you can avoid these problems yourself.

4.) You Can Feel Confident Deciding To Stay Single.

There are too many people out there who long for a relationship and continually search for one. They hate it when they are single. On the other hand, if you make the choice yourself to stay single, that is a position of power. You are confident in yourself, and you don't need a partner to complete you. You're not desperate for a relationship, because you are happy the way things are.

5.) Schoolwork Is Important.

The whole reason that you are in college is to get the education that will help you succeed and thrive in your future life and career. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend during this time, it can be an enormous distraction. You find yourself spending time with your significant other, and texting and chatting whenever you aren't together. Your academic performance can take a big hit as a result. Think about your priorities during this time. It may seem selfish to focus on your own education, but that is the reason you're here.