With a new year comes many new opportunities for love, but not everybody is lucky in this department, and as you get older it can seem impossible to find the right guy or gal. While there is no sure fire way to find the woman or man of your dreams, there are a few ways to get closer to love in the New Year.

1.) Be Open To New Opportunities

The days for staying home on a Saturday night with a good book are over if you want to get back into the game of love. You have to be open to new opportunities and willing to stand out in the crowd; this means that if you're normally the quiet wall flower it's time to get out and ask someone to dance, and if you usually like to be the life of the party, try a new calmer approach to finding love.

2.) Check Out Some Local Groups

You aren't going to find new possibilities for love hanging around in all the old places, so look into local groups and clubs that meet in your area. Reading clubs, art groups, poker and bowling clubs are all great ways to meet new people and get talking.

3.) Talk To Your Friends

Believe it or not your friends can often be a wonderful resource for new love life opportunities. Even if you think that you've already exhausted one option, there are plenty more out there. Ask if your friend's partner, spouse, or roommate knows of any single men or women who might be interested in getting to know somebody new.

4.) Get To The Gym

Yes, the gym! Don't be scared, you don't have to make a long term commitment, many professional gyms allow for a three to five day trial pass, and this is the perfect opportunity to get chatting with all of those singles who made fitness their New Year's resolution.

5.) Believe In Yourself

No matter how cliche it sounds, confidence is sexy, and if you don't have it fake it. The more you smile, stand up tall, and speak to people with a tone of confidence, the more likely you are to eventually begin to believe in it yourself, and this can go a long way toward how people see you.

6.) Out With The Old Wardrobe

Out with the old, in with the new; if you don't have money for an entire new wardrobe, focus on pieces that you can mix and match to make a new one without spending the big bucks. The way that you dress can influence the way that you feel, and this ties in with the confidence tip from above.

7.) Take Chances

Finally, finding new love is all about taking chances, and with a New Year and a clean slate, there's no time like the present to put yourself out there and do things you never thought you could do before. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should start bungee jump or sky dive, but sometimes saying yes to a blind date can be just as scary as flying through the air at high speeds.