Has your relationship gotten comfortable, but perhaps a bit boring at times?  Would you like to put more of the spark back in your romance, and rekindle some of the fire you used to have? 

Here are some top tips on how to spice up a boring relationship.

1.) Make Time For Each Other.

Once you've been together for a while, the rest of your life sometimes starts intruding on relationship time.  There's the work you brought home from the office, that laundry that needs to be folded, and the kids' toys to pick up.  Before you know it, another day is gone with little or no quality time together.  To spice up boring relationship, the first step is to spend time together.  You can make it a formal standing date night, or something more informal, but you both need to commit to spending some time together.

2.) Try New Things Together.

Research has shown that when you do new and exciting things together, it raises the dopamine levels in your brain.  Dopamine is a chemical that affects your emotions.  In particular, it is closely related to the sense of romantic affection.  What does that mean?  It means that trying something new as a couple will increase your sense of romance.  If you're wondering how to spice up a boring relationship, try a new restaurant, a trip to an exotic location, or experimenting with a new position in bed.

3.) The Way We Were.

New relationships are exciting, loving, and full of little romantic touches.  Chances are that when the relationship was young, there were fun evenings out, gifts, flowers, compliments, hugging, kissing, and holding hands.  As a relationship matures, it is sad but true that these signs of affection tend to taper off.  You don't touch each other as much, and when you do, it's not with the same sense of affection.  Some people have discovered how to spice up a boring relationship – go back to the way things were at first.  Get back to touching, hugging, flowers, and compliments. 

4.) Send Enticing Text Messages.

Sending a sexy text message to your partner can get you both excited about possibilities for later, and help you spice up boring relationship.  This has become a prevalent way of flirting and foreplay, and there's even a word for it, sexting.  When you send your lover a suggestive text, playful and flirty, it will make their day more interesting, and by the time you see each other later, you'll both have built up desire and anticipation for the night ahead.

5.) Get Rid Of The TV. 

If you wonder how to spice up a boring relationship, one of your first steps should be to remove the television from the bedroom.  If one of you is watching a late night talk show or the nightly news, it's hardly a cue for romance.  When you move the TV out of the room, you can focus on each other instead of staring at the flat screen.  You might start by offering a massage, and that can lead to a whole lot of fun!