In today's hectic world, it can be tough to build the kind of relationship that will stand the test of time and lead to a future of love and happiness. However, psychologists suggest that couples who make an effort at maintaining a good relationship are much more likely to succeed. By using these 11 things happy couples do every day, any relationship will be improved and will continue to get better as each day passes.

1.) Say, "I Love You."

This phrase is often taken for granted, and can eventually disappear from use between couples who have been together for a long time. Unfortunately, it can also become overused. It is important that it is said once a day, and that it is meaningful when it is said.

2.) Hold Hands.

It may seem childish, but holding hands can mean so much, by sharing physical contact for no other reason than showing the bond between two people, without words or even eye contact.

3.) Kiss.

While "a kiss is just a kiss," it is also a key to staying connected for couples who maintain positive relationships. By kissing at least once a day, couples remind each other that the relationship is special, and more than mere friendship.

4.) Play together.

It is important to find an activity that both members of a relationship can enjoy. Preferably many activities that a couple can do together, to bring fun into the relationship.

5.) Spend time apart.

This may seem odd, but being together too much can lead to problems. Happy couples find some time each day to be apart so that each person has time to him or herself.

6.) Eat together.

Sharing a meal is a very special and intimate thing, and doing so everyday can make a simple sandwich into time that is well spent toward building a happy future.

7.) Exercise.

Whether it is together or apart, couples that exercise nearly every day are shown to have much higher levels of happiness.

8.) Go to bed at the same time.

This may not always be possible when work and school schedules conflict, but for couples who follow this rule the level of satisfaction with the relationship is much higher than for those who do not.

9.) Hug.

Similar to holding hands and kissing, hugging is also very important. Hugging as a means of saying "Hello" after a long time apart is a way of reaffirming the togetherness of two people who have been without one another, even if only for a short time.

10.) Have a discussion.

Talking in a relationship should be more than just what must be said to make it through the day. Instead, a discussion should include opinions as well as listening and a sharing of ideas about something that both people find interesting.

11.) Laugh together.

While it may seem impossible to do every day, laughing and joking are things that bring couples together and build relationships and shared memories. Laughter has often been called the best medicine and it also works for couples.

Happy relationships depend on many factors, but they also share certain characteristics. Psychologists today have found many different ways that couples across America maintain happy and fulfilling relationships that are diverse and unique to each couple. The 11 items above are just some of the ways that couples use to show respect and gratitude for one another, and to provide what they both want: a future of love and happiness together.