Thanks to technological advances, many traditional tools and methods have become far more functional. Because of these improvements, business organizations have become a lot more productive. They are able to enhance their customer service in a way that is cost-effective as well. One example can be found in VoIP phone systems (Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems). These systems have enabled businesses to have seamless dialing extensions between their private networks and their various business locations. Furthermore, these systems are hosted on the public Internet, which provides a wealth of other key benefits. Best of all, they are cost-effective and easy to use.

Thanks to VoIP phone systems, every department, brand, and individual within a business can act as a single office, regardless of where they are located. Indeed, it is a fantastic tool for remote working as well. No matter where the headquarters is located, every employee can be contacted without having to pay for expensive long distance telephone charges as well. Considering the global nature of the economy today, this is of vital importance.

Through these systems, businesses are also able to connect all remote workers together. VoIP phone systems come with a variety of technological options that ensure everyone is connected to the office phone using a high speed, cable, or DSL Internet connection. The only thing that they have to do is hook up their phone to the Internet, usually through a soft phone system, enabling workers to use the business network no matter where they are. Thanks to this type of software, employees can be based anywhere in the world nowadays.

Clearly, VoIP systems offer a lot of cost benefits in terms of connecting workers and departments all over the world. In businesses where staff have to travel regularly, this has proven to be particularly beneficial. Again, technology developments have made this possible and easy. Mobile phones can hook on to the network, enabling people to use the system even when they are on the move. It really couldn’t be easier.

The best thing is that no additional training is required to show people how to use the VoIP system. It works exactly in the same way as any regular office telephone. This has proven to be a particularly big advantage. Furthermore, because people can be reached regardless of where they are, customers often don’t even realize that they are speaking to someone who is nowhere near the physical address of the business. This, in turn, has enabled companies to greatly enhance their customer service because customers can always reach a representative of the company regardless of where they are or what time zone they are in. Similarly, it has ensured small businesses and even sole traders to always be reachable, even if their job takes them outside of their office.

Last but not least, these systems come with a range of tracking features. This means that you know exactly who is using the telephone at any particular time. Again, this is important in terms of increased overall productivity.