In this era of technology and the advertising age, marketers have spent considerable amounts of money in various ways to reach their targeted clients and audience. Mobile phone technologies, among others, continue to shape the way for this digital movement.

Today, more than ever before, there is an explosion of information. Whether it be from social media networks such as Facebook, or Twitter new information is constantly at our fingertips.  This article briefly explores the current global trends in mobile advertising.

Mobile Lifestyles

The current global trends in mobile advertising have become handy with changes for some people who rely on their mobile device as their major means of search. Mobile devices are efficient in a number of transactions including but not limited to: the ordering of products, booking flights, buying clothes, and even ordering grocieries and cashing checks. Consumers use their mobile devices for literally anything you can think of.

Laptops And Desktops

Laptops and desktops will slowly be replaced by rising mobile device technologies such as smart phones, and smart watches, soon. These are currently being used in sharing, gathering, and sourcing information. Tablets are being used for checking emails, reading the news, and accessing other forms of entertainment. Mobile advertising trends have become a whole new era for digital marketers in the online advertising space.

Mobile As Priority

In emerging world of technology, mobile is a real priority in digital marketing trends. Having a mobile device to use at any time of the day or night is very satisfying and convenient. It is faster and quicker to search on your phone than almost anywhere else since our smartphones serve as our own persona handheld computers.

Evolution Of Buying And Selling

This is one of the mobile advertising trends that have become more efficient and lucrative in the art of buying and selling of services and commodities. The cost per engagement, and cost per view (CPV) will be good news and will be the main purchasing models. Cost Per Mile (CPM) is fading and might be forgotten and replaced with cost per engagement with advancement in mobile advertisement trends.

Mobile Payment Technology

Advances in mobile payment technology will also have a big impact on advertising costs. Payments on mobile devices will heavily impact costs. Years to come, it will be possible to check one’s smart phone, click the advertisement, and buy or request any product and services. This is a good feeling and an achievement considering the enjoyment and the fun of only a click and it is done. This will in no doubt, make advertising more effective in the mobile space.

Unrecognizable Ad Formats

The mobile phone device has become well recognized, and more diverse and widespread worldwide. As years roll on, we are going to witness a lot of development in mobile advertising. Mobile MPU's and Banner ads will increasingly fall out and become a thing of the past.

These kinds of ads will be replaced and developers will continue to discover more creative advertising solutions for mobile devices. Innovative media formats, which will be unique and completely different to standard ad formats, are already being developed to offer a fresh take on mobile advertising trends in years to come.