Cash back credit cards:

Cash back credit is a program in which credit card companies paid the percentage of amount that is spent by the card holder, basically it is an incentive program. This is done to increase the use of card by giving them points, giving them discount on airlines that called frequent flyer miles and monetary value. Monetary amount is the benefit that is known as cash back or cash back credit.

How do cash back credit card works?

Cash back credit card works every time when one use a credit card the card issuer pays you a certain percentage of the amount that you use in purchasing. This can be explain by the example that if you buy something worth $80 and your card offers 2% cash back on your all purchases, then $1.60 is the amount you would earn in cash back.

You can see your gathered earnings on online portal account of that bank or on your monthly statement, this can help you to decide that when you can recover your cash back and use in your favorite timings. While some credit card companies automatically applies your cash back points to credit in your account.

 Does cash back cards actually give you cash?

The word cash back never means that the card issues  will send you the amount in envelope that is  full of dollars. But the rewards will give you cash in your pocket. Some cards give you an option to redeem your cash back by a deposit direct into your bank account, while some my mail a paper check to you if you ask for it. But every card issuer has their own rules and regulations for how one can recover cash back. Some companies won’t allow you redemption until you have gathered at least $25 or $30. While some let you recover any least amount you have at any time.

Overall best cash back card:

Cash back reward is a best and useful tool to get paid for the purchase you do every day some cards offer you flat cash back in form of credit to your account while some allow you in form of gift cards.

According to analysis there are 682 cash back cards but they are narrowed according to top recommendations.

  • Capital one ® quicksilver®

Reward rate: 1.5 %

  • Blue cash preferred ® card from American express

Reward rate: 6% cash back per year, 1% cash back on other others purchase

  • Blue cash everyday® card from American express

Reward rate: 6% cash back per year on supermarkets, 2% cash back at gas stations and departmental stores and 1% on other purchases

  • Citi® Double cash card

Reward rate: it gives you 2% on every purchase and unlimited 1% when you buy additional 1% when you pay for that purchase.

  • Discover it® Cash back

Reward rate: it offers 5% cash back on your everyday purchase at places like Restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations when you pay using the PayPal. And 1% cash back when you do other purchases.

  • Capital one® SavorOne® Cash Rewards credit Card

Reward rate: you can earn 3% cash back on entertainment and dining in, 2% at any grocery store and 1% on other purchases.

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Reward rate: 5% cash back at grocery store per year, 5% on travel that us purchased through this card, 3% on dining and drugstores and 1.5% on all other purchases

  • chase Freedom Flex SM

Reward rate: 5% cash back at grocery per year, 5% on travel that is purchased by this card, 3% on dining and medical stores and 1% on other purchases.

  • Discover it® chrome

Reward rate: 2% cash back at gas stations and 1% unlimited cash back automatically on other purchases.

  • American Express Cash Magnet® Card

Reward rate: 1.5% cash back on your every purchase.

Best flat rate cash back credit cards:

Some premium flat rate cash back credits are:

Alliant Visa Signature Card:

It offers 2.5% cash back on all the purchases you do. It is highly recommended for those who spend at least $50000 or above in a year using their cards. This card is best for those who use Alliant banking because it gives you direct deposit into your savings. One who is using this card also had to pay annual fee beyond first year. And further added that reward will expire after 4 years if you don’t utilize it.

Best Everyday cash back flat rate card is Citi® Double cash back:

This is the best cash back credit card because it gives you 1% cash back reward when you do a purchase if you pay your balance off every month and also 1% cash back on you other purchases. You can earn unlimited cash back amount. But the drawback is your reward will expire if you don’t use your card for 12 months. However there is no annual fee for this card and 0% APR on transfer of balance for 18 months once your card gets activated to use. This is card is also great for use if pay down carrying a balance. It offers you 2% cash back on your purchase 1% on your buy and 1% when you pay for that purchase. It also gives you special access to event tickets and concerts.

Best flat rate cash back for credit builders are:

QuicksilverOne ® Cash back credit card.

QuicksilverOne and Capital one are the best card for some credit builders as it offers them a unlimited access to their credit points they give them tools to monitor their points and further these cards gives them a huge opportunity to increase their cash back limit after six months of regular use on time payments. But one has to be regular user of this card for at least six months. The highest flat rate cash back you can get offered is 1.5% and this card surely gives you 1.5% cash back reward on all the purchases you do through this card. The APR of these cards probably high than others so you don’t need to carry balance on these cards. Annual fee you have to pay for these cards are $39.