The crossover SUV has made a name for itself in the car market. With amazing gas mileage, sleek design and the space you need, crossovers have the whole package when looking for a reliable car. Many car manufacturers are getting into the crossover game, making the selection of crossovers abundant. With all of the choices for such a well sought after car, it can be difficult to decide which car is best for you. The good news about having an abundance of cars to choose from is that you can explore many options and avenues, and find which car is perfect for you. The list below may be able to give you a starting point of which crossover is the best fit for you.

1.) Nissan Murano

This sleek looking crossover is a reliable vehicle because it has had no recalls, and has a 41/2 out of 5 reliability rating according to reports. This vehicle gets 21 MPG city and 28 MPG highway, which will mean less money to spend at the pump. This vehicle rides comfortably and has a luxurious interior that you would not expect to find in a crossover SUV. The front seats provide a comfortable ride and the rear seats provide the space you need.

2.) Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has received better than average ratings on reliability, and has been one of the best selling and popular choices for crossovers for buyers since 2003. The Honda Pilot has the ability to seat up to eight passengers, making large families particularly happy with this vehicle. The Pilot also has a Top Safety Pick rating, making it a vehicle that people can choose, knowing that they will be safe along their drive. The Pilot has also made the Consumer Reports list of recommended vehicles, making it popular among critics, as well.

3.) Toyota Highlander

This midsize crossover comes in three different versions, all of which have made the Consumer Reports’ list of the most reliable midsize SUVs and crossovers. These options include the Highlander with the V-6 engine, the Highlander with the 4-cylinder engine, and the Highlander Hybrid. With three different versions of this car, you have options, making the Highlander incredibly versatile. Reports have stated that the Highlander is very comfortable on the inside, making it appealing for long drives. The Highlander is also an IIHS Top Safety Pick, meaning you can have peace of mind while driving.

4.) Subaru Forester

The Forester is a smaller crossover, but still has spacious rear seating for all of your passengers. The 2014 model of the Forester is now one of the top-rated small SUVs by Consumer Reports. It has an affordable price, and has top safety ratings from the IIHS. The Forester has excellent gas mileage, with highway MPG reaching almost 35 MPG highway, and 36 MPG in the city. The Forester provides a comfortable ride for everyday driving, especially in the city, since it is a smaller model and can maneuver small spaces better than most SUVs.

5.) Hyundai Santa Fe

This crossover comes with either a two or three-row model, allowing families of different sizes to pick the size of car that is right for them. With a high safety rating and a better than average reliability rating, the sleek design of the Santa Fe appeals to many types of driver. The controls of the car are laid out in a simple, easy to use format, so you can easily use the controls without any confusion. With all of the new technology that cars provide, it can be confusing to use new equipment, but the Santa Fe has a logical and easy to use system for any type of driver.