Senior apartments are especially for the adult citizen for aged above 55. They are similar to other apartments but they are somehow specialized for older people by limiting the number of stairs, minimum number of floors, low pile carpet and some other features to improve the safety and living of aged seniors. Aged citizens who are looking for comfortable living in lower cost, then senior apartment is the best option to adopt. Senior apartment provide facilities to the senior people like housekeeping, laundry, beauty and barber salon, dining and some activities that can make their life easier to live and more enjoyable.

Need of Senior Apartment:

Younger people can live in any apartment available to them and enjoy their live as compare to older people. They have more requirements and expectations to live comfortably. Senior apartments vary according to the need of aged citizens. They are more interested to live in calm and quiet places rather than apartments near crowded parks or playgrounds. They prefer apartments with only ground floor apartment rather than apartment with lots of stairs and floors. These are some basic requirements and conditions for senior citizens that increase the need of senior apartments.

Who lives in senior apartments?

Though senior apartments are restricted to older people aged 55 or above, but people living in those apartments may vary. Some of them are renters who live in rented house all their lives. Some are those who have sold their houses and are in search of such houses with less effort. Some other people looking for senior apartments are:

  • Some are those who have no home.
  • Some recently divorced
  • Some are those who wanted to live their lives with freedom
  • Some widows and widowers with low income
  • Those looking for low cost housing because they don’t have to pay taxes and maintenance cost.

Types of Senior Apartments:

There are generally three types of senior apartments they are divided according to prices. But it is difficult to find all three in every market. Types are:

  • Affordable senior apartments
  • Market rate senior apartments
  • Luxury senior apartments.
  1. Affordable senior living Apartments: these are the apartments as name shows that affordable apartment where the citizen will not pay the rent more than 30% of his income for rent and other utilities. Other determining factors and funding is provided by the combination of federal, local and state law. A voucher is given to qualified citizens that make them eligible for certain types of apartments.
  2. Market Rate senior living Apartments: they are mostly 15% below the rent of other regular apartments and are offered at market competitive rates. They also offer amenities to seniors such as dining, housekeeping, laundry and transportation.
  3. Luxury senior living apartments: They are the most luxurious apartments for senior citizens with dozens of amenities. Senior apartment is the second home for senior citizens and these luxury apartments are located near cities with cultural activities. They are like luxury home with lager are up to 2,000 square feet with beautiful yard.

Senior apartment costs:

Cost of senior apartments vary due to different factors associated with them such as location, floors, amenities, stairs and others affect the cost of senior apartments. Renting an apartment and buying an apartment is also associated with the cost accordingly.

Low Income Apartment for seniors:

Federal and State agencies have determined the guidelines for low income senior apartments. HUD- (housing and urban development) sponsored senior housing is also referred and they include:

  • Reduced rate privately owned apartments for seniors
  • For low income seniors, public housing is set aside in apartments.
  • Voucher program of section 8 housing choice is given by which seniors can choose the apartment and use this section 8 voucher to pay the whole rent or some part of it.

Where to find low income Senior Apartment Near you?

Finding an affordable apartment for seniors, first of all you have to search for your state using the resource that is provided by the HUD for the apartments for senior citizens. HUD sponsored list for all the apartments will be received with detail of number of units available for aged seniors and you will also receive list of contact numbers you can contact to. One thing that should be keep in mind is that the list you receive of all apartments are not only for senior citizens you have to further check for “ Total Units designated to Aged people” when you find the apartment for senior you can contact the application office to apply for senior apartment. Most of these apartments are full and applicants are on waiting list for longer period of time. There are some conditions that can help your application to be proceeded early like living in a unsafe environment or being homeless for long time. Further, you must complete all you documents and submit them timely to speed up the process for getting low income senior apartment. Some low income senior apartments near you are:

  • Atlanta area
  • Austin area
  • Columbus area
  • New York city area
  • Miami area
  • Orlando area
  • Dallas area
  • Denver area
  • Las Vegas Area
  • Salt lake valley
  • Washington D.C area

How do I find Senior Apartment near me?

If you are in search of senior apartment that are not rooted to low income guidelines, then you have to check for private apartments and elderly living facilities. You should contact independently living centers, senior housing managers, CCRCs and living facilities near you. After contacting and giving a detailed overview you can determine which type of senior apartment will suits you and fulfill your expectations.

Qualification for senior apartment:

These apartments are restricted to the elderly citizens aged 55 to 62 years. Housing and Urban development (HUD) ,a U.S department and act of Housing for older Person declares that such housing must include one person that is 55 or older in about 80% of the units occupied. This means that one spouse must be under the required age of 55 or above to live in senior apartments. Exceptions have made by the HUD for minimum age if the applicant is handicapped. But citizen with under19 can’t be permanent residence for such apartments.