If you are anything like me, then you are in some sort of a routine five days a week. Between work, exercising, and cooking my weekdays are very limited as to what I do. I tend to anxiously await the day I am traveling to a new place or taking a road trip with friends or family.

Although it can be stressful at times, being prepared is what always makes traveling easier for me. When traveling though, I try as hard as possible to remain healthy and put quality whole foods into my body.

Below are a few fun and easy ways to stay healthy while you are traveling:

1.) Bring a cooler

Whenever I go on a road trip, I always bring a cooler packed with whole foods and cold beverages. A few of my favorite foods to bring on road trips are: bananas, oranges, apples, hummus, carrots, avocados, and homemade trail mix. Bringing a cooler is great for two main reasons: one, it allows you to consume quality products on the road. Two, it forces you not to stop at a fast food restaurant and make poor decisions. Always pack a cooler!

2.) Skip the bread

This is always difficult to do, especially if you are starving; however you'll be much happier you did by the end of your meal. A good habit to develop is to ask your waitress or server not to bring you any bread once you are seated. This way, it's not on the table tempting you.

3.) Always start with a salad

I always order a salad to start my meal. By kickstarting your meal and putting green leafy vegetables in your body first, you'll not only have your body absorb them first, but also feel full, alot faster.

4.) Make sure your hotel room has a fridge

Something I make sure of before I arrive, is confirming my hotel room will have a fridge. Most hotels will almost never charge you for this and are usually happy to provide you with one. This way, you can stock up on healthy foods and store them in your hotel room when you feel like snacking. If for some reason they don't oblige with your request, be extra nice to them and tell them you have a serious dietary condition where you need to eat your own food 🙂

5.) Carry a water bottle at all times

By constantly staying hydrated, you avoid of the risk of getting ill in any way. From headaches, to dizziness, to motion sickness (the list goes on), you can provide your body with what it's made up of most, water. Also, by always carrying a water bottle you can save yourself money by not always stopping for soft drinks when thirsty. When it's time to hit the airport, you simply dump your water out and fill it back up once through security. Staying hydrated is key when traveling.

There you have it. These are my five simple ways to remain healthy while traveling. With these easy tips, you can keep yourself and your family & friends healthy and happy.

Please share any other travel tips you may know of so we can incorporate them into ours.