With advanced technology rapidly growing, and an increasing population which is rather tech savvy now a days, mobile phones have started coming up with lots of other entertaining applications and games. One thing which will remain as long as mobile technology exists is the importance of mobile games and how popular they are becoming.

Mobile gaming has simply exploded over the past few years and every smart phone or tablet has an enormous number of games available which people can download. Game options are huge, whether a person wants adventurous games or he or she wants strategy based games; every smart phone has them. Games tend to increase the sales of a mobile phone and keep mobile developers and programmers always in demand.

Top Mobile Games That Have Gone Above and Beyond:

Angry Birds:

One of the best mobile games to hit the gaming world has to be Angry Birds. With over 2 billion downloads all over the world, Angry Birds is one of the most successful games to ever hit the market. At the moment, Angry Birds is getting ready to release a second version of their successful first, titled Angry Birds Star Wars II – which is based on the Star Wars movie prequels.

Waking Mars:

Waking Mars is another one of the top mobile games producing record breaking numbers of fans and downloads. Waking Mars is a platform-adventure game where users jetpack through Mars. This game available for $2.99 and is available for iPhones and Androids..

The Room:

This mobile game is a puzzle game again which will simply keep you immersed for hours. This one of a kind game is a mystery game that is wrapped in a 3D world. Available for iPhone and Droid, you can download the app now for $0.99.

The Future Of Mobile Games:

The top mobile games have simply taken the gaming industry to a different level altogether. Gone are the days when gaming simply would just use a Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. It is the time when your phone is now your primary gaming consule and can be taken with you anywhere and played nearly anywhere.

All one needs to do is download the game and it will appear on their mobile platform. Mobile gaming keeps consumers not just engaged, but it forces a non-gamer to become a game lover by getting them addicted. Games aren't restricted to children anymore; even a 35 year old man will have a variety of games to choose from in his mobile phone and actually enjoy them.

The future of mobile games not only holds the key to mobile entertainment, but extremely large advertising deals that will be taking place on all mobile device platforms. Moblile advertising is exploding as well at the moment, and gaming developers are capitalizing on this heavily. While users are playing a game, they will see banner ads at the top which will advertise similar games or related topics in the mobile gaming industry.

Let us know what your favorite mobile games are at the moment by dropping us a line in the comment section below! At Knowzo, we are always looking for new mobile games to try out.