Grand Theft Auto V is proving to be an outstanding success, as evidenced by the sales in the first 24 hours, conquering day after day. Thankfully, we got our hands on it early and have already mastered the main cheats here at Knowzo. Below, we collected for you all the tricks and tips that will help you conquer the game with ease.

Grand Theft Auto V Cheats Reviewed:

In the game map of Grand Theft Auto V, there are several hidden treasures. Specifically, there is a treasure containing 12,000, which is located between the depths of the ocean. It’s very easy to find. Just look and follow these basic steps: swim toward the tail of the plane, right next to the crash site is a glowing white suitcase with 12 thousand dollar bills inside. The exact location is just near the hospital. Once you collect, of course, be sure to save the game. This action can be repeated as many times as you want. Otherwise you can go in search of armored vehicles. Just extract the driver, often accompanied by a second person, and destroy the back doors.

Upgrade weapons free:

To be unbeatable from our point of view, visit a store of weapons during a mission, possibly with a decent sum of money. Buy all the items that you find, especially the power-ups, and once outside the store kill yourself. To do so, simply jump from a building. Once you are dead, the mission fails and you regain back all the money sent.

Staying on the theme of suicide, here’s a trick that will help you to land safely even when you do not want to open the parachute. During the free fall from a skyscraper, or a mountain, you can just go vertically. (Be sure to use the directional pad to do so).

Extra customizations:

To get more customization on the characters, in terms of clothing and hairstyles, go to the social network life invader.

Free and immediate repair of the vehicle:

At the end of a run, if your favorite car shows severe damage (mechanical and aesthetic); you can fix it right away. How? Just select another character, and immediately return to the previous one. You can retrace the vehicle in perfect condition. Otherwise, a second procedure involves saving the game and the next time you play, you load the same game.

Grand Theft Auto V cheats for Immediate Health:

As for the machines, even your health, (in the game of course) can be easily restored. When you fall or stay wounded in a firefight, just select another character, and then immediately return to the previous one to return to full health. Are you ready to face new adventures, now?!

Don’t forget the submarine!

You will need to unlock it and you’ll use it later for the exploration of the seabed.

Use all these tricks to get the most out of Grand Theft Auto V to your advantage! If you have any other cheats you are willing to share with us, please drop them in the comment section below. It will be much appreciated!