Every time Apple releases a new product, a certain pattern is developed. There are normally some significant design changes, as well as big changes on inside part of the product that aren't visible to the eye. However, there are certain times when a new product arrives and raises the bar by much higher standards. The second generation iPad is one of the products that raised the bar and made a huge difference in the tech and tablet world. The second generation iPad is indeed a fantastic piece of technology that comes with anything you could ever want with a tablet. It is thin and attractive, thus making it a fantastic choice among many Apple fans.

The weight of the second generation iPad is just 85 percent of the total weight of its predecessor, and 33 percent thinner than the original iPad. So is this product worth buying? The answer is yes. Here is exactly what you will get from it.

The AS dual core chip is not only thinner, but also a high speed graphics monster. But when compared to other products out there, the iPad stands alone and is so far ahead of the curve in the tablet space. The core chip makes it easier for everything to work and run perfectly well, while also preserving battery power. The powerful and fast graphics make the second generation iPad an ideal choice for mobile gaming enthusiasts and Apple lovers alike. It also makes it a great choice for those who use heavy video and graphics applications on tablets.

Although it’s lighter and thinner than the original iPad, the second generation iPad is able to provide ten hours of power supply and a plenty of time for you to enjoy what you are doing without having to recharge it.

The coolest of all features for the iPad? The second generation iPad comes with two cameras, one at the back and another facing the front side. Also, the device has FaceTime, another very important feature which enables you to talk with friends and family who have the second generation iPad, Mac, iPod touch iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. This connection can be established via wi-fi, so it’s possible to connect with your friends and family from all over the world and actually see their face.

The two cameras make it easy and convenient when recording events taking place around you. Moreover, there is a viewing angle of 178 degrees which makes it easier to enjoy Facetime chat, movies, videos, or anything with a group of friends or family. Even when people are seated across a room, they will be able to enjoy the full brilliance offered by the 9.7 inches of LED backlit display. The second generation iPad uses a magnetic cover which protects the gadget without adding any weight to it. It also brings multi-touch operations in a natural manner so you will not have to feel like you are using a high-tech device, but rather a light weight, easy operating, tablet.

The second generation iPad runs on a iOS 4 operating system which fits into the hardware perfectly, thus helping to optimize the device’s power consumption. It also offers a working on/off functionality. Coupled with several other features, the second generation iPad is indeed worth purhcasing at an affordable price.