If your sitting at home right now with a $100+ cable bill and not happy about it then I highly suggest you continue reading.

Like most American’s we love surfing hundreds of channels until we find something worth viewing; however, when it comes down to it, we really only watch probably 3-8 channels (you know it's true).

Since canceling my cable television with Comcast roughly four months ago, I’ve been saving atleast $90 every single month and have more shows, movies, and sitcoms than I know what to do with.

I’m an avid Apple lover and genuinely enjoy all products that they put out, as well as a huge fan of the AirDrop feature where you can mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook directly to your television seamlessly. Even if you aren’t an Apple lover you can still highly benefit from their product, Apple TV in so many ways. Below, I’m going to break down why you should cancel your cable service and get Apple TV today.

My Old Situation with Cable:

– Basic cable & Internet package paying $120/month
– Terrible customer service
– No Apple TV
– Over-paying
– Limited channels (no SportsCenter, Travel Channel, Food Channel, etc.)

My New Situation with Apple TV and No Cable:

– Apple TV: $99 (one-time fee at Apple store or online)
– Fast Wi-Fi connection through CenturyLink: $32/month
– Netflix: FREE (I use my friends login and password)
  – Netflix gives you access to thousands of tv shows, movies, sitcoms, etc and is updated monthly.
– HBO: FREE (I use my friends login and password)
  – HBO gives you access to thousands of tv shows, movies, sitcoms, etc and is updated monthly.
– More tv shows, movies, and sitcoms than I know what to do with.

Curious about watching Sports, Sportscenter, or live games with Apple TV?

If you are a sports addict and can't live without watching sports, sportscenter, or your favorite live games or matches, no worries, as there is a way around this.

What most consumers don't know is that if your internet provider is Comcast, you can sign in your ESPN app on Apple TV with your Comcast login/pass and actually watch sportscenter and live games. I am not sure if this type of feature exists for any other cable/internet providers; however if you know, please make us aware.

With that said, I am able to save roughly $88-$100 per month (if you count taxes, fees, and all the other stuff the cable companies tack on).

Bottom Line:

Cancel your cable service now so you can enjoy these four benefits immediately:

1.) Drop you current bill by a minimum of 40%
2.) Just pay for Wi-FI (Be sure to pay for a strong connection)
3.) Access to thousands of tv shows, movies, and sitcoms
4.) Never have to deal with cable companies customer service again

Let us know if you have any further questions on how to save money with Apple TV. It's not only given me a $0.00 cable bill every month, but allowed me to access much more shows, and movies as well as allowing me to continue to watch Sportscenter and all of sports that I generally watch around the seasons.