The internet has revolutionized almost every single human activity since it's inception. In the media industry for instance, a great deal of companies have opted to embrace online services for an ever increasing audience globally. Today there are hundreds of radio and television services being aired live, online, and can be accessed anywhere in the world. One of online radio stations is the iTunes radio station, whose audience is fast hitting over a billion people from all walks of life and human race. However, knowing how to use iTunes Radio and figuring out which radio stations to listen to can be overwhelming. Thankfully we've compiled our favorites below to assist you.

It has never been easy to come up with distinct criteria of determining the best iTunes radio stations. However, a good chunk of iTunes radio stations agree on a number of factors that makes them more inclined to a particular iTunes radio station than others. These factors include: system requirements, ease of use, scope of availability, blend of music offered, and sometimes the convenience of services offered. With all these in mind, we can therefore identify a number of what is believed to be the best iTunes radio stations according to our team here at Knowzo that uses it daily.

CBC Radio 3 is perhaps one of the best iTunes radio stations ever. It is easy to navigate through, its system requirements are friendly, and it offers a wide variety of music genres. Additionally, you can be introduced to the new and latest kinds of genres every single day.

Another outstanding and exceptional iTunes radio station is Indie Pop Rocks, an online invention of Sofa-FM. This alluring iTunes station can be found under the Alternative Pop Category. One amazing fact about the Indie Pop Rocks is the ‘ominous’ absence of human voice interruptions. There’s no talk at all: just the latest Indie Pop Rocks blended with classics that can serve as background music in case you are not a seasoned fan of loud and aggressive music. This station is great to work to in an office environment.

For die-hard fans of bass, jungle, deep percussion, and drum music; you should consider Nu-Perception Radio for your next destination. This is the ultimate home for hard-beating rhythms and inevitable synthy beats 24/7 with no interruptions. And just like the CBC Radio 3 iTunes radio station, you can easily navigate through it and is compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems.

Groove-Salad is yet another awesome iTunes radio station to check out. For those who fancy sing along music, this is the ideal iTunes station to lend an ear to. The numerous genres offered are systematically accompanied with lyrics which makes the listening an amazing experience to sing along to.

977 is perhaps one of the most outstanding iTunes radio stations as wel. Unlike the rest, it has a social networking platform that allows must fans to interact freely and exchange ideas and experiences as far as their favorite must is concerned. However, it has numerous visual advertisements and substantial funding with has made it to stand out for years on end and perform very well.

Rip Rock Radio is the last one we recommend. It is solely dedicated to classic rock and has become home to an exceptional blend of all recognizable FM Classics from the rock genre.

Some other iTunes radio stations we enjoy at Knowzo are: Trance, the Real Radio, the Accuradio, and live365.

Let us know what you think of our music taste below!