What is meant by scheduling software for healthcare?

Scheduling is the most important need for professionals of healthcare, it keeps the employees retained and busy. You go with the fast-paced atmosphere when you work in healthcare industry. You have to fulfil round the clock responsibility. Nurses are on their full time duty, physicians run from location to location to facilitate patients and other employees working in the healthcare industry wear busy hats in the whole shift. This hustle and bustle needs a flexible and suitable medical staff scheduling software that will surely simplify the process of scheduling. Basically it a software app for scheduling the appointment of healthcare professionals that help physicians, clinics and doctors to book hassle free appointments with their patients.

Types of healthcare scheduling software:

There are two types of healthcare scheduling software in use that are:

  • Patient scheduling software
  • Medical Staff scheduling software

Patient scheduling software deals with the process of appointment with the doctor. While staff routine working by management the schedules of healthcare employees.

Aim of both applications is to reduce scheduling problems, identify irregularities and improve the patient care in result. It is the broad spectrum app that helps in management of hospital. Wait time is reduced due to appointment scheduling and this process has become fast and painless with well designed connection. To use this application patient should register themselves in the app and can book appointment with the specific doctor at the date and time they want. It is more comfortable and convenient than standing in queue waiting and crowding the corridor of the hospital.

Key features in medical staff scheduling software

Key features involved in scheduling software for medical staff are:

  • Customization
  • Available on mobile
  • Admin oversight
  • Employee monitoring

Benefits of healthcare scheduling software :

  1. Save time: it is very easy to use and have features like appointments search can help patient match their request with particular doctor at specific time and day can save time.
  2. Reduce no shows: application has reminder function that help patients in effective manner. 40% of the cases are reduced to no shows.
  3. Reduce wait times: as it eliminates waiting in queues to see the provider it has reduce wait times for patients.
  4. Cost savings: it is a cost saving as it provides all in one solution that does not need expensive servers or networking. This also eliminated the overtime for the staff members as it manages patients and practitioners schedule.
  5. Centralization: this app has ability to centralize the patient information. Medical history, demographic data and payment information is available to provider on the first hand. Changes in patient insurance can be easily updated.
  6. Improved patient experience: efficient appointment process reduces the hassle for patients which in result increase the patient’s level of satisfaction. This software also reduces other issues related to patient complaint during appointment scheduling manually.
  7. Changes and updates in real time: it can cause problem for patient and medical staff for delay in sending and receiving information. Software of medical receptionist update real time on app and also notify in cancelation or changing in schedule if any. This update will ensure that patient and medical staff is working with the up to date information.
  8. Anytime, anywhere access: with the access of internet connection this app allows the providers to check their daily schedule at home, on the road, at office or anywhere. Staff has access to the schedule whether they are working at office or they are at somewhere else.
  9. Customization: staff can alter the schedule to solve their needs and Change the appointment as required. They can change the time allotted to appointments and mention the reason for such changes. Offices can create custom labels, letters and forms for patients.
  10. Same day appointments if the patient is regularly monitored by the staff, software allow same day appointments which have a positive impact on satisfaction of patient and help the staff to maintain their schedule easily and no check-up is missed.



Issues and barriers in adopting of healthcare scheduling software

There are number of potential resistances that exist in adoption of scheduling software. Some issues are outlined below:

  • Reluctance to adoption from legacy systems
  • Cost
  • Lack of pliability to deal with complex scenarios of scheduling
  • Safety considerations
  • Loss of control over the system
  • Computer illiteracy among patients

 Best Healthcare scheduling software companies and their prices of 2020

Here are top companies who are providing healthcare and medical scheduling software:

  1. PetalMD

It is medical scheduling software. It is basically designed for health Care professionals and it is basically designed for health care professionals and medical staff at any hospital or clinics to control their schedules and improve communication by shift exchanges. It is also best for on call staff for the modern hospitals.

  1. DoctorConnect

It is designed for patient engagement. It provide services like appointment reminders, no show, recall messaging and after care survey.

Cost: $99 per month


  1. Vcita

It is all in one business app with features of improving interactions with client, scheduling, billing and invoicing management.

Cost: $12 per month per user


  1. SimplePractice

It offers multiple features for practitioners like online scheduling, free appointment reminder, billing, client portal, insurance claim filing, credit card processing and many more

Cost: $35 per month per user


  1. RXNT practice management

It is profitable for all practitioners of all sizes and specialties. It has features like better work flow, billing, scheduling, reporting, appointment reminder, insurance eligibility, remittance and assigning codes.

Cost: $65 per month


  1. Power diary

This app is trusted by 27,000 practitioners. It include features like SMS and email appointment reminders, treatment note templates, invoicing, payment, online booking and many more

Cost: $10 per week per user


  1. Square appointments

This is an appointment scheduling app. Such types of software can save time it has features of online booking, online payments, calendar management and schedule tracking.

Cost: $30 per month


  1. AírCare

It is healthcare software designed to assist the private practitioners to run their wok efficiently and build a better relationship with their patients. It comes with the features of patient portal, payment processing. Self’s booking of patient and smart scheduling.

Cost $29 per month.