What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is usually maintained by the specific host company and allows to stores the digital data in an online space that last for long time and can be available at any location. This service can be used by the availability of internet, you can access and store your data online only when internet service is available to you. There are many cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Microsoft office 365 and google drive etc. Some other media sharing applications like Instagram, Gmail, Hotmail, and YouTube also stores you data on the cloud.

How cloud storage works?

In past, people store their personal and important data on hard drives, thumb drives, floppy disks and compact disks etc. But over the time people found another way to store their data on-premises storage devices and now individuals and organizations rely on cloud storage to store their data using internet so they can have access at any time on any location where internet is available.

Cloud storage systems are present all over so the size and their maintenance are different. If the cloud storage is small it consists of single server that is connected to the internet. While other cloud systems can cover the entire warehouses like server farms. Amazon web services (AWS), google drive and Microsoft azure are the giant data centers that stores data all over the world.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

About 73% of the companies are deciding to move to cloud storage in coming two years due to its benefits that are:

  1. Usability: it can be used by anyone and allows them to drop and drag their files between local storage and cloud storage.
  2. Bandwidth: instead of sending the whole data to the individual you want, you can simple send a web link by your email.
  3. Accessibility: file that are stored can be accessed at anytime and anywhere with Internet connection
  4. Disaster recovery: backup is highly recommended for any business in case of any emergency. Cloud storage can provide second copy of your important files when they are back up. Files stored can be access easily in any emergency with Internet connection
  5. Cost saving: annual cost of operating can be minimized by using cloud storage. It cost only 3 cents for one gigabyte in cloud storage to store data. It is also cost saving because it does not require power supply to store data.

Disadvantages of cloud storage:

  1. Usability: be careful while transferring data because dragging from local storage to cloud storage will permanently delete from local storage so always do a copy paste rather than dragging or dropping if you want to secure your important original documents.
  2. Bandwidth: companies should carefully select the cloud storage provider because many cloud storage service give band width permission. When that allowance or limit surpasses there would be additional charges you have to pay.
  3. Accessibility: you will not have access to your data if you don’t have Internet connection.
  4. Data security: safety and privacy is the main concern of the user. Possibility of access to their private data make them uneasy
  5. Software: if you want an access to your data or files on multiple devices, then you have to install the concerned service on all devices.

Types of cloud storage:

There are three types of cloud storage that has similarly unique benefits:

  1. Public cloud
  2. Private cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud

Cost of cloud storage:

Cost of cloud storage varies from provider to provider, types of files you need to store and many other factors. For example, Google drive is the best option for you if you spent you times mostly on Gmail and chrome. For window based devices, then Microsoft’s one drive is best for you. Here is a look for cost of cloud services by the providers

  • Google drive:

15GB free

$1.99 per month for 100GB

$9.99 per month for 1TB

  • Dropbox

2GB free

$9.99 for 1TB

  • ICloud

5GB free

$0.99 per month for 20GB

$3.99 per month for 200 GB

$9.99 per month for 1TB

  • One Drive

15GB free

$1.99 per month for100GB

$3.99 per month for 200GB

$6.99 per month for 1TB

Best 10 Providers for Cloud storage services 2020:

Here are the best providers for cloud storage services with short overview:

  1. Ice-Drive : Ice-Drive is the best mobile cloud storage service it is web based, mobile and desktop application with such features:
  • Files can be download and uploaded
  • Built in viewer of document and vector
  • Media player is available for video and audio files
  • Sharing of file and folder in the app directly
  • Device backup
  • File editing options
  • 150 GB, 1TB and 5TB storage is available.
  1. pCloud: it is the best cloud storage service for access of life time with features:
  • Beneficial for long period of time to store data on cloud.
  • User base is more than 10 million individuals
  • Sharing and receiving files with friends is easy
  • 500GB and 2TB storage.
  1. Zoolz: used for high volume and long term storage with features:
  • Advanced user access
  • Custom system alerts
  • Backup
  • Data protection
  • 100TB storage
  1. IDrive: it is best for backups with features:
  • Automatic file and device backup
  • Multiple sub accounts of users
  • Scan for file changes
  • 5TB or 10TB storage
  1. Sync: it is the best for service for regulated industries with such features:
  • Best for bank and healthcare organizations
  • End to end encryption
  • Granular user permission
  • Two factor authentication
  • Up to 10TB storage
  1. LiveDrive: it is best for team collaboration with features like:
  • 24/7 physical security
  • Prevention technology
  • SOX compliance
  • 2TB storage available
  1. Google Drive: best for free cloud storage with features of :
  • It gives 15GB for free
  • Backup your essential documents
  • GSuit if you need more storage
  • Administrative control and security backup
  1. Microsoft oneDrive: it is best for PC users with the features:
  • Offline access
  • Personal vault
  • Identity verification
  • 5GB storage for free
  1. Apple’s iCloud: Best for Apple users with features of:
  • Integration with the mac finder app
  • 5GB fir free
  1. Dropbox: this is the most popular cloud storage service with the features:
  • Desktop application as well as mobile.
  • Versatile cloud solution
  • Admin dashboard
  • 2GB for free
  • Password protection
  • Remote device wipe.