One of the largest problems that many people suffer from when it comes to saving money on their cell-phone plan, is that they believe they are stuck with considering only the major carriers. The truth is, when you’re making a prepaid cell phone plans comparison, you really can’t get a full picture of what’s available without looking into the wide array of pre-paid carriers that branch outside of the primary big five. You should be pleased to find out that there are a number of pre-paid carriers, alternatives and MVNO’s out there that access resources of the big dogs to offer flexible plans, great customer service and better pricing.


When you’re making your prepaid cell phone plans comparison, Republic Wireless provides a great starting point. This carrier is low-cost and wireless, as well as being an MVNO which uses the Sprint network. Offering monthly and pre-paid plans, Republic Wireless has so far managed to keep their rates and plans as low as possible because of specific factors. First of all, Republic currently only supports a single device at this time – the Motorola Defy, although the Moto X will be coming soon. Republic has also suggested that their prices are specifically low thanks to the solution for hybrid calls that they provide, which allows you to make Wi-Fi VoIP calls when you have connections to an internet network. Using your cellular device without Wi-Fi is really just a back-up plan.


Another network worth considering for your prepaid cell phone plans comparison, is Ting. Once again offering a number of monthly and pre-paid options, this is an MVNO which uses the Sprint network too. Within the tech-loving community, Ting has gained a lot of praise, this is due to the fact that company allows you to customize your own plan. This means that you can specifically decide how many text messages you’re going to need, as well as the number of minutes you’ll need, without having to deal with a one-size-fits-all solution. The goal of Ting is to provide a flexible plan that provides you with exactly what you need, and nothing more. If you don’t end up using the data, texts or minutes that you paid for, the company will credit whatever you didn’t use back to you.

Page Plus

Finally, Page Plus is a pre-paid national wireless provider that piggy-backs on the Verizon network. Although this service does provide monthly plans, the fame and praise that it has generated has been thanks to its pre-paid options which provide amazing prices, no contracts, and fantastic agreements. Like a number of pre-paid carriers, you can purchase only what you need at the start of each month by topping up your account, then simply continue to add more from that point. The business was also been commended for its wide-open device policy, allowing just about any Verizon device to connect with Page Plus without the stress. What’s more, they’ll even let you use additional CDMA devices that they know will work, such as phones from Cricket, Sprint and more.