Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod hardware isn’t complete without the iOS 7 software update. With full utilization of the most recent developments in technology, the iOS 7 software is world's most advanced mobile operating software. This new update delivers interface updates, bug fixes, drastic design improvements, and so much more. With Apple CarPlay, you can now utilize this feature much better when using your iPhone will driving. You can now also control exactly how long Siri listens to you. Moreover, the iTunes radio now includes so many more stations such as an entire aresenal of new stations from NPR and more!

iOS 7 is simply the foundation of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod and comes with a series of apps that are pre-loaded. You are guaranteed the best safety and security of your hardware and full protection against any viruses. With little to worry about, the compatibility of the phones and the software was truly meant to be and as smooth as butter.

Also, with iCloud built right into the iOS7, your content will be synced across all devices wirelessly. For developers, they can now make the best possible apps with an all new airdrop support, new multi-tasking API's, and game controller support, and much more. Lastly, the apps developers create will completely change the way we learn, entertain, and interact through this software.

How Do You Download iOS 7?

Note: before downloading, it is very important and essential that you back up for your iOS device. This will only be possible if your hardware uses the most recent version of the iTunes or iCloud. The big question now is how to you get iOS7 on your iPhone? Simply by visiting the settings icon on your phone and clicking general, and software update, you will be well on your way to receiving the new iOS 7 update. Be sure to have your phone plugged into a power source, as it does tend to drain the battery as the software updates. After downloading, it is now simpler, and faster.

The newest and one of the coolest features to hit the new iOS 7 update is Apple's CarPlay which lets you take the things you want to do with your iPhone and places them on your car's built in display. This now gives you much safer, and smarter way to use every feature on your phone such as making calls, getting directions, playing music, and more. Simply plug in your phone and take advantage of this cool new feature.

Along with the cool new features were a handful of bug fixes such as: home screen crash bug was corrected, touch ID fingerprint recognition was drastically improved, and iPhone 4 users can now enjoy improved responsivenes and better than ever performance.