There are few things more defining to a man's look than hairstyle. Sometimes, getting the best cut can make the difference between finding a solution that perfectly frames your face and chosen style, and constantly being the butt of your friend's jokes. To make it easy to match your hairstyle with your face shape, this guide is all about men’s haircut styles and should help you to figure out which fashions are most likely to work with you, and which you should probably avoid. This article focuses less on finding the right style for you in a list of modern cuts, and more about searching for the right cut to suit a specific face.

The Oval Face Shape:

Many men have an oval shaped face, and learning all about men’s haircut styles for this type of face can give you a useful insight into how to avoid giving yourself too much of a long, or babyish appearance. Oval faces have no sharp corners or angles, and their balance and symmetry means that many hairstyles can look great on oval faces, including undercuts and fades with comb overs, pompadours, quiffs, and spiky hair. However, most hair stylists will recommend that people with oval-shaped faces should probably avoid bangs and fringes that could force their face to appear rounder.

The Round Face Shape:

If your face is more round or circular in shape, then you'll need to think carefully about your choice of hairstyle. People with round faces often struggle from the problem of having a baby face, and can find it difficult to discover a hairstyle that draws attention to the positive aspects of their face. Round faces, like oval shaped faces have no sharp defining edges. This means that when you're interested in knowing all about men’s haircut styles, you'll need to think about something that gives you more of an edge. A good way to cause the face to appear longer is to consider hairstyles that add height or volume to the top of the head, but are short on the sides. Usually, the best round-face hairstyles include undercuts, faux hawks, high fades, side parts, fringes, and textured styles. Though you don't necessarily need to grow a beard to look great with a round face, a square beard can assist in giving your jaw a more chiseled appearance.

The square face shape:

Square faces are naturally sharp, angular and often very masculine. Just like round faces, your square face will mean that the width and length of your face are very similar, the only differences being that you’re blessed with a sharper jaw angle. Because a square face can be incredibly versatile, the best haircuts for people with this shape of face can range across a variety of different styles, from really short looks like buzz cuts and undercuts, to longer styles that rely on additional volume in the top, such as messy crops, and traditional slick backs.

Sometimes, men with square faces benefit from growing a small amount of light stubble, as this can soften the sharpness around their jawline, and give them a more approachable and light-hearted appearance.