Are there really hairstyles that make you look thinner? Absolutely. One haircut can accentuate the roundness of your face, while a different style can make your face look more slender. If you want hair that makes you look thin, here are 10 ideas.

1.) Layers Around Your Face.

Hair that is all one length tends to make your face look fuller, while layers that frame your face can make it look longer and narrower. Try long layers around your face, down to just below the chin. Layers near your cheekbones can also bring out your bone structure. For thin hair, layering also has the benefit of adding volume.

2.) Longer Hair.

Long hair gives a more elongated impression, making you look thinner. For hairstyles that you look thin, keep the length below your chin. You don't want hair that overwhelms your face, but the length will be more slimming for you than a super short cut.

3.) Part It On The Side.

For hairstyles that make you look thinner, try parting your hair on the side. This moves the balance off center, so that your face does not look as round. Shifting bangs and layers to one side of your face will break up the impression of a round face. You don't have to stick with your natural part. If a different part looks best on you, go with that.

4.) Asymmetrical Bob. 

A blunt bob style, which ends at your chin line, is terrible for accentuating round faces. For hairstyles that you look thin, try an asymmetrical bob instead, which can be slimming and flattering. This is shorter in back, angling down to be longer in front, where it should end up two or three inches lower than your chin.

5.) Updo With Framing Pieces.

When you leave pieces of hair around your face, it makes you look thinner. When you put up your hair, make a point of leaving some hair loose around the sides. That will help to frame and shape your face, for a slimmer look.

6.) Wispy Bangs.

For hair that makes you look thin, stay away from blunt bangs, and keep them wispy. Blunt bangs divide your face with a line, making it look shorter and wider. Try wispy bangs, keeping them shorter in the middle of your face, and a bit longer on the sides.

7.) Long Shag.

Wearing a long shag (down to the shoulder or longer) draws your eye down, and makes your face look longer and slimmer. The layers make it softer and more feminine.

8.) Vertical Updo.

When you can lift your hair up and add height to your look, it draws people's attention upward, which is a visual trick to make your face look slimmer. Anything that adds volume at the top will have this effect.

9.) Textured Styles. 

Go for hair styles that have texture. Blunt cuts tend to accentuate horizontal lines, and make your face look fuller. Texture and movement can give you a thinner look.

10.) Wavy Hair.

When you have straight hair, it can make your head appear smaller than it is, which can also have the effect of making the face look wider. Loose, wavy hair helps to frame your face, break up the lines, and make you look thinner.

These are ten hairstyles that we recommend going for when trying to look thinner. Do you have any others that you'd like to share? If so, let us know in the comment section below!