What is painting?

Painting can be defined as the skill of utilizing paint  in the picture or as a decoration. Paint or pigment is applied to the solid part to enhance the beauty with the help of airbrush, sponge or knife. Pigment or paint that is used can be in wet form or dry form like pastels.

Why painting is important?

We know painting enhance the beauty of any building or room and this the most common part or renovation. Beyond enhancing the appearance painting have many other uses as well. So you should know the features of paint and select the best product for use. Sone reasons for painting are:

  • It protects the surfaces from insects.
  • Protect the surface from solar radiation, rain and many other external factors.
  • If the walls are painted well they are easy to keep safe and clean.
  • Visual appeal of surface is increased
  • Waterproofing
  • Surface durability is increased.

Properties of a Good paint:

Physical properties of paint must be considered before selecting the paint for application. Benefits of good paint are:

  • Easy to apply
  • Drying period is reasonable
  • It should form a thin film without cracking
  • Hard and durable coating should be formed
  • Performance of the paint should not be affected by the weather changes
  • It should harm the users.

Salary of a painter:

Painters can earn acceptable salary according to their talent and work experience. It is very easy and possible for successful painters to make their living better from passion for this work. Many painters seek other jobs to cope with their financial needs. According to Bureau of labor statistics it is calculated that average annual salary of a painter is around $42,650.

Duties of a painter:

Duties of painter are as follows:

  • He prepare surface for painting with sanding and scraping
  • Paint the interior and exterior building surfaces
  • Communicate regarding planning with constructors
  • He manage the scaffolding of a building
  • Manages painting equipment
  • He maintains the inventory about painting tools paint. Painting tools include sprays, guns, rollers, brushes, paint pails and many more.
  • He mixes the paint to generate the best color needed
  • He should follow the safety and health protocols for satisfactory environment of work.

Requirements for painters:

Requirements for painters are as follows:

  • He should have high school diploma or GED
  • Working experience as a painter.
  • He should have knowledge about paints
  • He should have communication skills that can be verbal or written
  • He must give attention to details
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to climb scaffolding and ladders
  • He must ability to lift heavy equipment
  • He should have ability to stand for longer period of time during painting.

How much a painter can make money per hour?

A painter who is working for full time cam earns average of $17.84 per hour. In future jobs for painters are likely to grow about 2% in the next ten years which is relatively slower than other occupation.

Cost of a painter?

Cost of painter varies and depends upon the design and quality of paint you want. It also depend whether you want to paint the exterior surface or interior. If you decided to paint the exterior surface you have to pay $2,600 to the painter. Painting the exterior side make sure weather should not affect the job and coping with the conditions of weather. And if you want to the interior home you have to pay around $1,700 but you have to worry about the furniture and floor to keep them free of that paint. If you decided to paint the whole house including interior and exterior then you should talk to the painter for any suitable deal that suits both of you.

How to find a painter near you?

First of all you should contact three to four contractors for this job. You can ask you friends and family members if they know any good contractor or painter near you. Initial meeting can be done at home. This will help the contractor to look at the condition of your house. Even if painter himself visits the house and if he is experienced much he can give you the perfect estimate of budget and time that is required. Longer they take, more perfect estimate they will suggest you. If you are dealing with the contractor ask him about the number of people and their experience that will be involved in the task. Here are some steps to be followed before you start:

  1. Get estimates
  2. Check references and past work experience
  3. Consider credentials
  4. Make a complete contract
  5. Ask fir the guarantee
  6. Choose the paint yourself
  7. Look fir lead
  8. Hold the payment until you are completely satisfied.

Painter jobs and their descriptions:

Here are some paintings jobs and descriptions:

Industrial painter Job:

They perform routine and preventive maintenance painting job. They undergo specialized painting projects like in severe conditions they paint large structures, perform inspections, take care of cleanliness during painting, take care of storage and disposal of paint products and operate with various tools and equipment.

Paint sprayer job:

They paint according to the company’s steel accommodation with spray paint. They should do their task in timely manner to maintain the standards of company. They must have full knowledge about the spraying equipment and techniques.


Basic painter job:

Apply coats of paint under general supervision. He must know how to varnish, enamel, lacquer or stain to protect the surfaces.

Painter assistant job:

His job is to assist the main painter. He helps in preparing the paint and other tasks. Sometimes he is ordered to paint as directed.

Painter supervisor job:

He is responsible for all the supervision of painters that are working under his instructions. His task is to make the job done in timely manner as promised. His work needs initiative and judgement.

Lead painter job:

He performs skilled work in painting of buildings and fixtures. He prepare the paint and apply it by using spray guns, brushes or rollers. He works under supervision and results are obtained after the completion of assignment.

Apprentice painter job:

He should complete the apprenticeship in decoration and painting within time. He should assist in decorating when demanded.

Types of paint used in construction:

  • Oil paint
  • Enamel paint
  • Emulsion paint
  • Cement paint
  • Bituminous paint
  • Aluminum paint
  • Anti-corrosive paint
  • Synthetic rubber paint
  • Cellulose paint
  • Plastic paint
  • Silicate paint
  • Casein paint