Since they first came about, mutual funds have been a popular option for investors. There are many reasons why mutual funds are a great investment. Their attributes combined with their simplicity provide substantial advantages to investors with little money or time to spend. Here are just some of the factors that can help to explain why mutual funds are a great investment:

1.) Diversification

An important part of the investing process, for small and large investors alike, is identifying asset diversification. This term refers to the concept of mixing certain investments in a portfolio in order to manage levels of risk. For example, you may choose to purchase some stocks in the retail sector, then offset those stocks with investment in the industrial sector. The way this improves your security is that it reduces the impact of any negative performance within your portfolio. If you want a truly diverse portfolio without mutual funds, you can end up spending quite a significant amount of money. However, with mutual funds, you get the instant benefit of asset allocation and diversification without having to use up large amounts of cash.

2.) Economies of Scale

The next step in understanding why mutual funds are a great investment is to consider economies of scale. For example, think about when you go to a store – oftentimes the more of a single product you buy, the cheaper it becomes. Mutual funds allow you to take advantage of buying and selling large amounts of stocks, reducing the costs of transactions for investors. As a result, you can make crucial transactions on a significantly larger scale, while spending less money.

3.) Liquidity

Another of the many advantages associated with mutual funds is that it is easy to get in and out of them without a lot of difficulty. Most of the time, you should be able to sell your mutual funds in a very small amount of time, without having to worry about much difference between the current market value on the sale price. However, it is worth keeping an eye on any fees that may emerge to do with selling. Unlike exchange-trade funds, and stocks, which can trade at just about any time throughout market hours, mutual funds only transact once every day after the asset value has been calculated.

4.) Divisibility

A lot of investors today, simply do not have the cash to buy a lot of securities. A couple of hundred dollars is not enough to buy a round amount of stock, especially once you have deducted commissions. However, it is possible to buy smaller amounts of stock throughout mutual funds, and this provides investors with the ability to make periodic investments using monthly purchase plans. Instead of having to wait to develop enough money with high-cost investments, you can start immediately with mutual funds.

5.) Assistance With Management

When you invest in mutual funds, you also get involved with a professional money manager that helps you to buy and sell stocks that have been carefully researched. Thereby, you save time on having to research each investment before you make it.