Installment loans are similar to emergency loans, except that they are paid back over time through a scheduled payment plan. This can be beneficial to those who might suffer from bad credit or high levels of debt as it offers a larger window of time to return the money to the lender. As an emergency loan works to offer quick money to those in need, the installment loan can be obtained online through a quick application for needs that may arise when money is in short supply.

Bad Credit Installment Loans are not the same as the more traditional loan you might obtain through a bank. It has different limitations and abilities in terms of scheduled payments. While some loans can last a few weeks or a few months, other loans of this kind can go as long as twenty to thirty years. They are a more secure alternative to the emergency loan, while still offering funds to those who don't qualify for credit cards and other loan options.

Benefits Of The Loan:

These Bad Credit Installment Loans are easy to obtain and almost instantly available, which can be good if you are applying for the loan based on a current need to pay certain bills. Like the payday loan that many people turn for when money gets tight, the installment loan works to cover expenses that wouldn't be affordable without a full paycheck. These loans can be small or large, to help cover portions of a mortgage or to simply make that last payment on a car.

Due to the convenience of this loan type, it is often requested following an unforeseen home issue or accident. Flooding or a tear in your roofing, which require immediate attention but was not saved for can be resolved through Bad Credit Installment Loans.

Online Services:

Bad Credit Installment Loans offer a secondary incentive of being processed entirely online. This means that you don't need to schedule an appointment with a bank officer or fill in a ton of paperwork during your lunch break because the bank closes at 5pm. You can apply in your own time, 24/7 through an easy to complete online form. This form is then processed quickly and efficiently and the approval rate is generally high.

The form is described by most companies as requiring between five to ten minutes to complete. The money is then sent directly to you through a direct money transfer to your bank account, rather than waiting for a check in the mail and then taking this to a bank to encash it.


As with any loan, the money is not yours, but rather it is being lent to you for a certain period of time. With Bad Credit Installment Loans, you do have an extended period to pay the money back, but you still have to be careful that you don't miss a payment. Taking on an installment loan can be dangerous if you aren't prepared to stick to the agreement made in your repayment schedule. Always do your research before applying for and committing to any type of loan.