An attorney advices their clients and represent them in court against their rights for cases that might be criminal or civil. The process starts with advising them, preparing documents, pleading and in some cases appearing in court on behalf of the client. An attorney is also called Lawyer. Lawyer can be young or old, can be male or female. Mostly lawyers are under age of 35. Half of the law students are female. Females lawyer are as numerous in this field as men. According to U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, 792,500 employees as a attorney were registered.

Professional Requirements of becoming a lawyer/attorney

Special schooling is required to become a professional lawyer and understand the laws and legal system of state. Every state has set the standard laws that a student of law must met before becoming a lawyer and license as lawyer/attorney. A person should meet the following requirements before practicing law in state:

  • He must have bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • He should complete three years in ABA-accredited law school
  • He should pass the state bar examination test, which is of two to three days. Selected area of law is tested for knowledge test. Professional ethics and responsibilities are also required for test.
  • Fitness and character review should be passed. Those who have applied the license of law must be approved by the committee that check and investigate the character and background of applicant.
  • Oath is taken about the support of law by swearing and constitutions of state and federal.
  • After that person will receive a license from high court that is usually the supreme court of state.

Duties and responsibilities of attorneys

Attorneys have wide range of duties and responsibilities they have to perform but it depend on the type of attorney and also on the area in which he is practicing law. Some common responsibilities are:

  • They advice clients about the legal issues or on going litigation issues they are facing at that time.
  • He would do a detail research on the evidence that is involved in case, like any police report or accident report or any pleadings already done in the filed case and apply the law accordingly
  • He should analyze the effect of Good and other factors involved in the case and interpret the law according to case and decision is handed over to the court.
  • Rather than going to trial he should prepare and develop a case strategy and try to solve the case as soon as possible in a cost effective way for his clients.
  • Defend the case by protecting the rights and best interest of clients in front of jury or judge in the court.

Skills and competencies of attorney

To practice law in a state in addition to education and licensing requirement an attorney must have these skills to excel in his field that are

  • Communication Skills: he must be best in communication in both writing and speaking and they should be good listeners as well.
  • Nerves of steel:
  • Nerves of steel: when any thing goes wrong in court then attorney must remain unflappable.
  • Critical thinking skills: to identify problems and developing a solution an attorney must have capability of problem solving and abstract thinking to solve the case
  • Research skills: he should be at his best in identifying and research skills
  • Interpersonal skills: relationship between client and attorney must be at its best.

Types of attorneys and their salaries:

There are some different types of lawyers/attorneys with their responsibilities and salaries:

  1. Contract lawyer

Average salary: $63.98 per hour

Duties: their primary duty is to help the clients with problems related to contracts. They advice them on legal stance whether to agree or not and sign any contract.

  1. Corporate lawyer

Average national salary: $92.74 per hour

Duties: they usually work for companies and advice them against business decisions and sometimes when legal action is taken against the company, corporate lawyer will represent the company in the court.

  1. Bankruptcy paralegal

National average salary: $48,059 annually

Duties: their primary duty is to assist client by advising them for their financial situation and also advise them if they are eligible for bankruptcy to file. Advice them on which type of bankruptcy is best for them and give information about filing for bankruptcy.

  1. Litigation paralegal

Average salary per year: $55,315

Duties: their responsibility is to help in trial by preparing courtroom proceedings, documenting, interviews the witness and conducting research of trial.

  1. General practice lawyer

Average salary per year: $70,548

Duties: they defend clients on legal issues and proceedings.

  1. Associate attorney:

Average salary per year: $72,977

Duties: they help in selecting juries, represent clients in court, settle corporate disputes.

  1. Immigration lawyer:

Average salary per year: $76,769

Duties: they usually deal with the client that have problem in visas, immigration, having trouble in obtaining green card or citizenship.

  1. Intellectual property lawyer

Average salary per year: $77,780

Duties: they assist the clients or companies that are having issues related to property or trademarks. They can be hired by someone to help them by managing their belongings like property or trademark

  1. Family lawyer

Average salary per year: $81,375

Duties: family lawyer mostly deals with family matters such as divorce, child custody or child support claims etc.

  1. Personal injury lawyer

Average salary per year: $821,723

Duties: they help client for getting compensation for their injury in the court by pleading the case. Injuries like car accidents, or injury at company’s property are involved in this.

  1. Trademark paralegal

Average salary per year: $84,348

Duties: they work for trademark attorney and responsible for clients file claims for names and logos

  1. Litigation attorney

Average salary per year: $105,528

Duties: their duty is to guide the client for pre and post trial and defending their case in the court. They are also involved in setting plea deals and demanding for appeals.

  1. Associate general counsel

Salary: $110,698 annually

Duties: they represent the client or organization in the court defending for their legal rights.

  1. Employment lawyer

Salary: $132,360 annually

Duties: they can help company who is having trouble with employee or help employee having issues with the company.

  1. Corporate attorney

Salary: $167,918

Duties: work on behalf of company and prevent their legal issues.