Every year there seems to be a number of businesses and career paths that just aren't as promising as they were in the past. With the end of 2014 in sight and 2015 looming on the horizon, that time has come again when it becomes more and more apparent which companies are prospering and which are going to be washed away with the melting snow.

1.) BlackBerry Limited

Formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), this Canadian company was an up and comer for a long time, bringing strong revenue sources into Canada and providing jobs for thousands. But over the past few years the company has changed CEOs, changed brand names from Research In Motion to BlackBerry, and fell on the stock market's list of promising businesses. This is certainly one career path to avoid, whether you were thinking about becoming a tech agent or working in the management sector.

2.) Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon had been quickly growing into one of the top recognized brands in the athletics industry in North America, but recently it has been in some trouble, starting with the 2013 recall of their well-known and expensive yoga pants, which were too sheer. This, along with management changes and a large decline in revenue has led to the reduction in share price, and the stepping down of CEO Christine Day last June. Currently the business is down 50% as far as stocks show, which means that a career path with this once great retail giant is a bad idea.

3.) Direct TV

Careers linked to AT&T or Direct TV may be in jeopardy in the coming years as AT&T has opted to buy the television giant in an effort to gain more access to the American home. The problem here is that many members of Congress are upset with the proposition, and consumers aren't too thrilled either. The backlash from this possible deal, whether it goes through or not, could have some seriously adverse effects in coming years.

4.) Hillshire Brands

Well-known food manufacturer, Hilshire Brands, which creates Ball Park hot dogs and Jimmy Dean sausages, may be in trouble after their agreement to buy Pinnacle Goods for more than four billion dollars. A bidding war began between the company and Tyson Foods, as well as Pilgrim's Pride. This bidding war may be over for now, but it doesn't mean that more problems won't surface soon in this career path.

5.) Zynga

Quickly becoming a known source for social media site games and applications, Zynga rose to success in 2012 and seemed to have some success in the following years. Slowly, however, the company has begun to fail in its efforts to access the mobile phone app market and the products don't seem to be in as high demand as they were in the past. Since March, their stock price has dropped significantly, showing a 45% decrease, which doesn't make it an attractive career path for future app makers, or those interested in this business.

6.) Alaska Airlines

If you were thinking about getting involved with this independently-owned United States airline, think again. Recently, consolidations in the plane and flight industry have been successful, but it also means cost cuts, and Alaska Airlines is the final piece in this battle for air domination. Recently there has been buzz that Delta Airlines might swoop in and buy them, while other air companies are tempted as well. This doesn't make for a bright future in the flight and air industry.