We all know that the perfect tool can make just about any job easier. Although there are hundreds of potentially exciting and useful gadgets out there to make your gardening experience simpler, the truth is that it's sometimes the classics that yield the best results. If you want to nourish your green fingers and help your garden to thrive, then you'll want to know some of the best garden tools every homeowner needs. What's more, most of these items will also make an awesome housewarming gift to friends and family settling into a new home. Here are 9 best garden tools:

1.) Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is essential part of your gardening kit if you have a lawn to maintain. Whether it runs on petrol, electricity, or is powered by hand, the one thing you need to ensure is that your lawn mower is capable of handling anything, including the jungle that your garden may become after a few lazy weeks.

2.) Compact Hose

A compact hose is an essential part of growing just about anything in your garden. Whether you're the sort of person who wants to trim the lawn with beautiful flowers, or grow your own vegetables for delicious home-grown meals, a compact hose makes the prospect much easier. These hoses coil up on themselves after use, and weigh about half as much as their traditional counterpart.

3.) String Trimmer

A string trimmer is ideal for clipping weeds and grass in areas that are hard to reach with your lawn-mower, including along walls, fences, and the edges of your garden. Gas-powered options generally provide extra power and convenience due to the absence of cords. However, electric models can be quiet, inexpensive, and cordless if you look in the right places.

4.) Work Gloves

A great pair of work gloves are essential in protecting your hands from chemicals, plants, branches and thorns. Search for high-quality when you're buying your gloves, and remember that cotton options tend to soak up water and wear out too quickly. Synthetic materials and leather are better for durability and protection.

5.) Comfortable Shovel

A comfortable shovel that is easy to grip and use can make the process of planting new bulbs in the spring much simpler. With a sharp blade and a large rubber handle, you're less likely to be huffing and puffing by the time the job is done.

6.) Hand Pruner

Hand pruners are great for removing unwanted dead branches from your shrubs and trees. Search for a pair of pruners that have comfortable grips and smooth, sharp blades.

7.) Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are ideal for digging smaller holes in your garden beds. They can also be useful when it comes to mixing up fertilizer, compost, and other additives. Look for a sturdy blade that can pierce the soil easily, and a comfortable grip on the handle.

8.) Knee Pad

A knee saving pad can be a fantastic gardening tool for people who suffer from painful joints. All you need to do is kneel on the pad when you're closer to the ground to save your knees. Most of these tools can often be flipped to form a seat when you're pruning.

9.) Stand-Up Weeder

A stand-up weeder with a long handle means that you don't have to hurt your back pulling out those pesky weeds. All you have to do is stand on the pedal, pull back, and the claws will yank out the unwanted plant for you.

These are the 9 best garden tools that a homeowner who loves gardening might want to own.