Not everybody enjoys the large clunky feel of oversized couches and full-sized loungers on the back deck. In fact, small outdoor patio furniture have become increasingly popular over the years, partly due to the number of individuals living in apartments and townhouses. Having a smaller balcony to decorate means working with items to scale. Fortunately, supply and demand have increased the selection on these sets, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you need to spruce up your outdoor area this spring and summer.

Losing The Cushions

One way that small outdoor patio furniture becomes smaller is by losing some of the fluffy stuff that makes it so cushy. Metal dining chairs and small metal tables can make quite a statement, especially when combined with a parasol rather than a full length umbrella. To keep these seats cozy, opt for a patterned throw to add color and comfort to your summer seating.

You can even find scooped wicker chairs and wooden slat seats without cushions. Add your own embellishing pillows later without fear of overpowering your patio.

Double Purpose

There's more than one way to save space on your deck, and some can be higher functioning than others. The modern world of design has opened doors for a number of new styles and concepts, including beautiful wood garden benches which fold out into picnic tables, chaise lounges with storage underneath for collapsible coffee tables, and deck chairs that double as step ladders. These small but useful furnishings make life easier and more enjoyable.

Saving On Size And Price

When compared with large sets, small outdoor patio furniture can save in a lot of ways. Not only will you have more room to barbecue and garden, but you will also find your pockets losing a little less cash. Choosing a seating area which is reduced in size can save you up to $1000 depending on brand and style. This is quite a discount when you consider that scaling back on size does not reduce quality or comfort.

Unique Styles

When searching for petite outdoor furnishings you will stumble across some unique concepts to ponder. In some products, designers remove legs from chairs, combine seats and tables into connected conversation sets, and produce some highly modern shapes using narrower metal piping and cushions.

Much of the table designs you come across when seeking out these sets will be round or oval, including coffee and end tables. Round seating and miniature accessories will tie sets together without overpowering tight spaces or leaving your deck feeling cramped.

Opting For Fewer Pieces

In place of buying smaller pieces, some families choose to purchase fewer items in order to save space. A married couple with no children, for example, may only wish to place two chairs at the patio table, and skip the umbrella due to an overhang which protects their seating place from rain and sun. Similarly, a single man or woman may wish to place only one cushioned patio chair outside rather than an entire set, to enjoy the outdoors on their own.