Why Decoys Are A Good Form Of Bird Control:

Birds can be a fun sight to see in the springtime. When the birds are chirping and nests are being made, it symbolizes the changing of the seasons. However, the presence of birds is not always welcome. Some birds, like woodpeckers, pigeons and crows can become a nuisance around a home or building. They can be noisy, their presence can make some people uneasy, they can damage buildings with their nests and roosting, and they can make buildings and homes look unappealing with their droppings. Overall, there are some places where birds are not welcome, and there are many ways to deter them from a location. You can use spikes, netting, wire and other methods of bird control on your building, but these can be extremely expensive and an eye sore. Decoys, on the other hand, are inexpensive and do not make a building or home look any different than they already are. Getting a decoy for your home, building, or any type of area just might be the best solution to your bird problem.

Bird Decoys:

Birds have extremely good eyesight, and can see areas from a very far distance. If a building or home has a large decoy on its roof or ledge, an incoming bird, or flock of birds is bound to see it. If a bird sees this decoy, it will get scared and fly in the other direction. The decoy is in the form of a predator of a bird, like an owl or a falcon. These bigger bird decoys will instantly scare incoming birds from a location, making it an effective tool. You can also use other decoys, like a coyote, for fields that you want bird free. Often times fields that see a lot of sports activity put a coyote decoy on the field to scare away geese and ducks that litter the field with their droppings. With the decoys, birds will see them and instantly go in the other direction, making them highly effective for your home, building, or even a field.

Bird Control Options:

Many bird control options are extremely expensive. With netting, wires and spikes, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars between purchasing the materials, and getting them installed. If you install these methods yourself, it can be very time consuming. Also, if you or someone else does not install these methods of bird control correctly, it can end up being a waste of time because the birds have found a way to get around these methods. Decoys, on the other hand, are incredibly inexpensive. You can go to a local store in your neighborhood and find a decoy for your home or building starting as low as $35.00. With the low price of a decoy, and the effectiveness of the product, decoys are well worth the trip to the store.

Controlling Birds:

Controlling birds around a home or building can lead to an ugly sight. Spikes and wires around a building can take away from any architectural appeal. No one wants to make their home or building an eye sore just to keep birds away, and that is why decoys are a good choice for bird control. They do no damage whatsoever to a home or building when installed. They take up minimal space, so the home or building is unobstructed, and there is no real impact on the appearance of the structure. The decoy allows people to have bird control without causing their building to look unappealing to the people around it.