Losing weight in preparation for a wedding is a big challenge. With friends and family in attendance, the bride and groom is the center of attention. Weight loss can help both look great in the photos and feel healthy and energized the whole day. With so much to plan and prepare for, it may seem impossible to take on a new diet and exercise regimen.

These tips will help keep any busy couple on track to lose weight.

1.) Download a nutrition app

The first thing a bride or groom should do is download a nutrition app to their smartphone. There are many great apps available for free in the apple and google play store. These apps can track calorie intake and exercise habits. They can also give daily reminders to eat right and fit some cardio activity into the day. Anyone with some money to put toward their weight loss goals can purchase more sophisticated apps. These apps provide direct contact to nutritional specialists. Specialists give feedback on daily food intake and offer pointers on better food choices. They also help the user discern food fads from food facts.

2.) Have a support team

One of the best ways to facilitate weight loss is to have a team for support. Prior to a wedding, there is no one better suited to providing support than a fiancé. Encourage them to participate in weight loss activities too. Seek out couples exercises and activities. Go on dates with an active component or try all new things. Challenge your bodies to do new activities together. This allows the couple to bond and lose weight at the same time. In addition, reach out to the girls in the bridal party. They may be interested in losing weight before the wedding as well. Plan time for all the girls to get together and work out. This way, the bridal party can also bond and feel happy and healthy.

3.) Choose healthy restaurants

Before a wedding, it may feel like every second of the day is planned out. This can be stifling but structure can assist in weight loss goals. Choose restaurants with healthy options for the bridal and bachelor party or rehearsal dinner. When scheduling appointments and meetings, be sure to schedule time at the gym as well.

4.) Keep stress to a minimum

Another important tip is to try to keep stress to a minimum. High levels of stress lead to overeating, lack of sleep, and irritability. No one planning a wedding should live under those conditions. Whenever stress becomes overwhelming, it is time for a healthy dose of exercise.

5.) Exercise and sleep

Physical activity can increase endorphins, which keep people happy. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and stress will not be a threat to the wedding day. Multitasking can help provide a chance to exercise while completing wedding preparations. Flip through potential decoration options while walking or jogging on a treadmill. Listen to motivational tapes while on a run or a bike ride.

The most important thing about a wedding is that the engaged couple is happy and has a day full of love. These weight loss tips for your wedding day will make the day even better. Losing weight is a challenge, but building a team for support and finding ways to make it fun makes a big difference.