Care given alternative for emergency services in traumatic or non-traumatic situations but this, don’t need lives saving parameters. This requires medical clinic that is used to diagnose and treat the illness or diseases that is not life threatening. The aim of this service was introduced in 1970s to meet the immediate need of health Care requirements. In the early 1980 United States opened the first urgent care center. These centers deal with the patient on first come first serve basis. This department is cost effective also as compare to emergency services. According to the recent study conducted it is evaluated that it cost about 3-4 times more for emergency department as compare to urgent care for the treatment of mild conditions like sore throat or UTIs etc.

Another study conducted suggests that about 13-27 percent of visits done in emergency room can be utilized at urgent care clinics and that in return will save about 4 billion dollars per year in United States. This is procedure is satisfying for patients who have non threatening disease that can be immediately treated. Facilities of X-ray and laboratory services are also present at urgent care services for immediate diagnosis and treatment. This is major problem for need of this center in developed and underdeveloped countries like Denmark, America, Canada and India. Because patient had to wait for long hours to have their treatment and this long waiting of hours may lead to poor prognosis and also increase patient mortality. Also overcrowding in emergency services may increase risk in prescribing wrong medications and leave a negative impact on patient care. Another major issue is that patients consider their mild illness a severe one and overcrowded in emergency rooms to have their treatment that can be easily treated in urgent care rooms.

Another research reports that emergency rooms are mostly embedded with patients that are less severe and non life threatening. People having minor injuries are admitted to emergency rooms. And this causes a dire need to separate such patients and treat them in urgent care services. Treatment for leg and limb injuries can be treated with simple bandage or first aid splints in urgent care rooms and these patients don’t need to treat in hassle at emergency rooms.

Types of Urgent care Services:

Due to the increasing demand of the patients, urgent care service industry increasing rapidly. So the need of urgent care centers also increases, people like the low price services with less time consuming, and easily available nearby their homes. Some of these types of centers providing services are as follows:

Sudden and minor injury:

In these centers, emergency room is available for the minor injuries like the bone fracture, sports injuries like strained muscles, sudden wounds for the stitches are usual. There is also X-ray scanning availability present to search out the breakage and for the abrupt treatment on the spot.

Common and seasonal illness:

Illnesses are of many types and most of the illnesses are curable at these urgent care centers. Illnesses that are not dangerous to life are treating with good facilities. Common illnesses that are curable at these centers are:

  • Infection or pain in the ear, sinus infection, cellulitis
  • Illness related to the respiration such as bronchitis, pneumonia, throat related problems etc.
  • Dehydration, vomiting, fever and flu etc.

These centers are operating in modern day technology tools that are convenient to the patients as well as accurate in identifying the real issues of health. If you are not sure about the diagnosis of your health issue than these urgent care centers are there to help you all the time. Some of the care centers are made for both children and adults but there are also specific care centers for the specialize category such as babies.

Testing and treatments availability:

These centers are also helping and first priority to those who want the testing about the sugar level and blood pressure etc. The Particular services at the centers are:

  • Physicals it can be helpful for your child and also for the adults to examine their body just to prevent your physical health in future if you are going to plan to play sports in future. It is the certificate of fitness after the proper examination and testing of the body health such as level of cholesterol in body, hypertension etc. In some cases physical examination is required for the job and occupation.
  • Vaccinations urgent care services provides the vaccines for the influenza, hepatitis B, Tetanus shots, Tdap vaccine etc.
  • Women’s Health these centers addressing the female health issues related to abdominal pains, breast related issues, dermatology and skin care, pregnancy testing, uterine fibroids, vaginal problems etc.
  • Family medicines daily routine medicines for the proper health and fit life for the family that save them from illness as well as make them active to do the work.
  • Employers in the services related to the employment are, Federal drug testing, DOT physical, new hire physicals, Respiratory physicals, Snellen vision test, TB testing, etc.


Urgent care near you:

  • Zocdoc You can go and search for the best near urgent care services centers around by online site such as the that provide you the luxury of finding them. You just have to put the location and condition of the patient for the available services such as child specialist doctor or other specialist in bones and injuries. You can also book them through online visit of this site for the checkups. Details of the doctors with name and specifications are mentioned there you just choose them accordingly and select them on your choice.
  • America’s ER also providing the same services in the United States, there motive is that they are providing you the best and experience doctors services for your health. On their website the mentioned the contact numbers from where you can contact and collect the information about the best possible time for the checkups.
  • Temecula 24 hour urgent care serving his community with the services in less than 30 minute wait which is impressive
  • Sun city
  • Fastmed
  • Legacyer
  • Banner Health

These all are providing fast and 24 hour of urgent care services in different areas of the world. You can easily found them on the internet and experience their services near to your homes.