In the hospitals and other healthcare centers nursing education play a key function that enable the healthcare sectors to perform well and smoothly because nurses are the major caretaker of the patients providing them time to time medicines and medication facilities.

This profession is very kind and respectful so there are so many ways to gain knowledge about it and serving the humanity, by knowing the importance of this profession, different educational institutions offers it in many ways like diplomas, and bachelors as well as Masters in nursing some of these programs are given below according to the time span respectively:

CNA Certificate or Diploma:

It’s abbreviated as Certified Nursing Assistant, it is not a degree program it is just a diploma that some of the community colleges offers. This also offers through the online course system although the practical hours should be done at some authentic healthcare sector. By having this certificate you become able to get the basic idea of services that is providing in hospitals and clinics. This course includes the instructions about the casualty scenarios that what do to first in this circumstances, enhancing the interpersonal skills like behavior, ethics and attitudes towards the patient also provide them with the teaching of how to stop infection. You can also do extra courses along with this such as geriatrics and psychiatry just to enhance the option for you.

Who is eligible for this?

This is best in terms that if you are:

  • Minimum high school degree and have interest in nursing without taking other colleges admission.
  • Think your future in nursing before applying in major programs of nursing.
  • If you are switching your professional career.
  • If you are busy while with you family having problem to manage your schedule and want flexible rather.

Time requirement:

This certificate as per rule of the guidelines by higher education, minimum required of 75 hours of learning and 16 hours of clinical practices.

What you will be your salary?

After completing this and getting your job you will earn minimum 29,580 dollars annually.

LPN/LVN Certificate or Diploma:

It is a Licensed practical nurse it is also a diploma not degree. It is offered by the vocational schools hospitals and related teaching colleges. In the state of California and Texas this course also known as Licensed vocational nurse program.

Some of the tasks of LPN are as follows:

  • They received signature from patients and from doctors on different files related to admin works.
  • They will present the patient state to the immediate staff and doctors.
  • They have to change the wounded clothes and put on drips and tubes to the patient.
  • Collect the tests, and data of the samples.
  • Give comfort to the patient

They along with the diploma also do some special studies about pharmacology and breastfeeding support and care for patient for long time.

Eligibility criteria:

It is the same as for the CNA Certificate. But for the higher education in nursing you must have this certificate at least to appear in the examination related to advance nursing degree.

Certificate study hours:

It will be finished in between 12 months with 7 to 24 months clinical practice time.

What kind of Job/duties you will get after this?

After the completion of this certificate you are capable to undergo through the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) and after passing you will able to do jobs and responsibilities in:

  • Hospitals
  • Offices related to physical health
  • Healthcare service at home
  • Research about the clinical facilities
  • Agencies of the Government


You can earn average annual earning up to $47,050.

Associate Degree in Nursing:

This is the proper degree related to the Nursing that enable you to register yourself as a complete nurse. It includes in providing the critical care to the patient and as an assistant physicians with them. You may avail this degree from the bachelor’s degree program colleges and healthcare universities and institutions.

The core responsibilities of RNs are:

  • As an assistant to the physicians during the examination, surgeries etc.
  • Take care of the tests samples and analyze them according to the patient.
  • Examine the patient condition and give the treatment accordingly an also maintained the health charts.
  • As an head of the LPNs, LVNs, and CNAs
  • They will motivate the patients and educate them how to care themselves.

Time Limit to do this degree:

This will take 2-3 years of education in the institution alongside training about the clinical work.

Scope of this degree:

The aim of this degree is to do nursing and provide the healthcare but you can do more than that such as:

  • As an educational service provider at the nursing schools and colleges
  • Companies related to the healthcare insurance
  • Firms that provide the travel nursing services
  • You can apply in the Government institutions and also in military for your services in emergency.

Earnings of this Degree:

There nursing sector is very much diversified so the earnings depends on the educational level, nursing practice knowledge, any other specific skill. On annual basis the total earnings of the nursing is $77,030.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing:

This program is especially developed for the RNs that want to get more knowledge and become to be on the high positions and higher salary jobs. The particular areas of specialization in this program are Anatomy, biology, laboratory testing, designing treatments and assistance with the surgical departments.

There are three modes to attain this BSN:

  • LPN-to-BSN
  • RN-to-BSN
  • Second degree BSN

Second Degree BSN for those who want to move their field of education and not previous education related to nursing.

Time span:

The basic time need to do complete this is from 1 to 2 years for the LPN and RN but for the nursing staff that wants to pursue their job with education may provide the flexibility to do this in 4 years.

Per Annual Salary:

$75,510 you can easily earn after getting this.

Master of Science in Nursing:

It’s a program for the graduate for the nurses that make them Advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).

This program is particularly designed for the RNs who want to practice more in their nursing field.

Required time:

This degree required 2 years for completion extended for the job holders for 3 years.

Degree Goal:

  • Nurse practitioner
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Certified nurse midwife
  • Certified nurse anesthetic


This will earn $170,790 in a year.