Listening sense is one of the major necessity that  human life required though which he will able to hear and respond according to the message he received from others. The loss of this ability is big jerk to your life because you are no remains as you were before it is very huge damage cause to your personality and your status. So, this technology of modern era that called as hearing aids are very useful and impactful to save your life from major disasters in terms of work abilities and relationship buildings. If you choose the best fits that will easy while using that will certainly help you to survive in the gigantic communicative world.

How it works?

This device operates by the chargeable batteries through electricity such as mobile phones etc. This basically invented in order to enhance the hearing ability. These can be easily managed and adjusts with in the ears or outside that make sound more loud than normal even when there is noise it will sound clear and distinguished sounds. Some ways of its operating are:

  • Through microphones that collect the sounds from nearby
  • By the help of an amplifier it generates louder sound
  • With receiver that transmit the sounds in your ears.

This is not beneficial to all suffering from this listening loss, in the ratio of 5 people only 1 can use it on certain condition of fade ability and have chance to improve it in future, that person will have the luxury to use it otherwise not. It is seen that people mostly damaged their nerve or inner layer that is bridge between ear and brain. These losses due to some kind of disease, aging, listening loud and high level of medications.

From where you will get?

If you are facing this problem consult your ENT doctor, he will go through the examination of your ears and search out the main cause and suggests you what to do next. If you really need this device they will provide you with suitable fittings to your ears. If you lost both of your ears then it will be prefer to wear the pair of this. Do not order it through online because it sometime not fits in your ear.

Brands and prices:

  • OTICON with the motive of (PEOPLE FIRST) it is bit expensive around $2450
  • UNITRON: its latest device price is $1600, launching in 2020
  • RESOUND: with the punch line rediscover hearing, his product new price is $2600
  • STARKEY HEARING AID: it product was brought in the market in 2016 and it is bit low in price $1450
  • WIDEX: the new hearing aid price is $1800

Types and styles:

The types of hearing device depend on the some features such as:

  • According to the age groups
  • Lifestyle you managing
  • Cost the customer can bear.
  • On the basis of managing the small kits.
  • Which type of hearing loss you are suffering either severe or not.

On the basis of the features described above the hearing devices are categorize in two main types:

  1. Analog hearing aid it is design to converge the sound waves into electrical signals that will make the sounds louder than before. These are comparatively low prices devices easily available and their volume control is easy to handle.
  2. Digital hearing aid these modern days devices are create to catch the sound waves and changes these waves in the numerical codes that are programed according to the sets of amplifier codes already built in them to detect the pitch, volume and direction of the sounds, make easier for the detection of sound for the patient. It is also help to recognize the sound because it also stores the previous sounds that you heard before. It is automated and more powerful as well as small in designed.

On the basis of different shapes, arrangements and setting of the device near and on the ears there are three styles of hearing aid given below:

  • Canal that’s settle in the ears and not visible to others. As the name reflecting canal means in the region of ear that leads towards the ear vein. It can be useful only if you have some moderate level of hearing loss. Due to the small size it is very difficult to remove and fit again and again so it is recommended not remove it as it fit once. But you can wear it for months if you are used to it.
  • On the ear: this style easily attached to the outer surface of the ear consists of plastic body that contains the electric model. These are very useful for the people having severe hearing loss, but are not comfortable for the young babies whose ears are continuously growing.
  • Behind the ear: it is also plastic shape model easily wear behind the ears. This type is different from others and it is like a narrow tube called Mini BTE that enters in the ear path.
  • Direct audio input: it is like the radio or Walkman type remote microphone easily connectable to the television or other electronic devices.

Adjustments using hearing aid:

At the beginning of the utilization of this device it is not easy to adjust abruptly but as time goes on the body get used to it and recognizing the sounds conveniently. It is recommended that when you use this device for the very first time then you have to be patient. You have to take some time to learn and experience it. Take some advice from your consultant in case if you:

  • Feel discomfort
  • If you feel distortion in your voice
  • If you experience the doubling of sound
  • If the irritation of surrounding noises discomfort you

How to care your hearing device?

Some easy steps to care your hearing device are as follows:

  • Avoid it from the heating temperature or effect, moisture, babies and from your pets.
  • Timely changing your battery and get new ones
  • When you are sleeping and resting turn off them
  • Proper cleaning of the devices as per instruction by your consultant.