Endorphins are the chemicals inside the brain that produce good feelings. To be exact, endorphins are neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that tell the brain and the rest of the body how to respond to the environment.

The brain releases endorphins under three circumstances: pain, stress, and pleasure. Learning how to release these chemicals at the right time can make everyday life a little more enjoyable.

Learn these 7 ways to instantly boost your endorphins, and live a less stressed, more pleasurable life in no time.

1.) Laughter

Laughter causes the heart to beat faster and the lungs to take in more air. Sometimes laughter can hurt, but then feels great afterward. The cause of the feel-good effect of laughter is endorphins. Adding some humor daily can reduce stress and pain. Have some humor delivered. Sign up for a service that sends humorous emails. Downloading an app of a favorite Sunday comic strip is another idea. Share a silly joke with someone who will appreciate it.

2.) Exercise

Exercise is perfect for an instant pick me up. Researchers are not sure why exercise makes people feel better. It might be the body perceives exercise as stress and releases endorphins. The pain of building muscles might be another reason for the endorphin effect.

Each person has a different threshold for how much exercise releases endorphins. Start with a light walk or jog, and see how that feels. An interesting exercise class will help boost endorphins. Exercise is a personal decision, and experimentation will determine the right fit.

3.) Aromatherapy

The sense of smell is powerful enough to produce memories and emotions. Certain chemicals within a scent react in the body in unique ways. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to produce an endorphin release.

There are almost endless choices of essential oils to choose from. Grapefruit essential oil lifts the mood. Keep a bottle nearby and use it for a quick boost. Chamomile is also known to uplift the spirit. Brewing a cup of chamomile tea will melt the stress away.

4.) Meditation

The quiet focus of meditation allows the body to fight pain and stress. Learning yoga poses and practicing deep breathing techniques helps to release endorphins. Throughout the day, take the time to clear the mind, and find peace all day.

5.) Ginseng

Ginseng is a herb used both in food and as a supplement. Ginseng is often used in energy drinks because of its ability to make you feel good. Drink some ginseng tea or add some ginseng powder to a favorite drink. This will instantly raise endorphin levels.

6.) Chocolate

Chocolate is a tasty way to boost endorphins. Dark chocolate has the power to lift the mood. A little goes a long way when it comes to chocolate. One or two squares of dark chocolate are enough to trigger the release of endorphins.

7.) Hot peppers

Hot peppers cause sweating and burn the mouth, which is exactly why they create endorphins. To counteract the pain, the brain releases chemicals to ease the suffering. Add hot pepper flakes or hot pepper sauce to food for an immediate effect. Another idea is spicy cuisines. Thai, Mexican, and Korean food are all known for being spicy.

Any of these suggestions are quick and easy ways to instantly boost endorphin levels. Adding any of these tips will help to reduce daily stress, and help with pain management. All of the suggestions are natural and simple ways to improve life a little each day.