So you've had enough turkey and pie to last you a lifetime, and you may not be feeling in tip-top condition, especially if you had wine or spirits with your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can help detox your body and get rid of some of the high fat foods and high calorie drinks you have been consuming. Of course, a typical workout at the gym will go a long way to perk you up and make you feel a little bit better about your overeating, but there are other ways to detox as well.

1.) Sweat It Out

Nothing says detox like a sauna, and this is especially true during the cold biting winds that can sometimes accompany the Thanksgiving season as winter begins making its way into a number of states across the country. Sweating out all of those additives and chemicals can really help you feel better and be more in tune with your body. Try spending two or three days following your Thanksgiving overload working out followed by a 15 minute sweat session in the sauna. After you heat up and sweat out the bad stuff, a nice cool shower will make you feel right as rain.

2.) Hydrate Your Way To Better Health

It is time to hydrate, especially because a variety of Thanksgiving Day foods are loaded with high levels of sodium, not to mention all of the diuretics you've been imbibing in the form of coffee, alcohol and cola. Ease up on the starchy carbs and really focus on getting all of the water your body needs to reboot and refresh. It may seem like a boring drink, but your body is made up of a majority of water, and this life-giving substance can make you feel like a whole new you.

3.) Make A Menu

Sometimes detoxing is all about what you eat to refuel and flush out the bad, and this should include a long list of healthy grains and fiber filled veggies to get your system cleared out and ready to face the rest of the year. Make yourself a menu for the weekend and week ahead that will get you back into a regular and healthy routine. Don't deprive yourself of the good stuff right away, however, because you're sure to have some leftover pumpkin pie in the house and there's no reason to waste good food!

4.) Reuse In Wise Ways

So it's time to get back on track and get away from the temptation of gravy and mashed potatoes, but this doesn't mean that the leftovers have to go. Turkey is a lean protein with a lot of nutritious qualities, and you can dice this up for wraps, omelet fillings, and some really delicious stir fry with a handful of healthy vegetables. Sometimes it isn't so much about what you're eating, but how you prepare it that helps you detox your body and get yourself back on the path to a healthy lifestyle. You may not be able to reuse the dessert, but leftover carrot and peas in a wild rice pilaf could hit the spot the day after Thanksgiving.