People who struggle with COPD often have to take many medications, have a lot of inhalers, and struggle to live a normal life. Having COPD makes it difficult to breathe normally, and makes physical and even day-to-day activities strenuous to achieve. Although there is no cure for COPD as of yet, there are many treatments that a person can take in order to make their lives easier, as well as lessen the pain that the symptoms of COPD bring along with it. Many people like to take action outside of the doctor’s office, and there are many at-home remedies a person can take in order to make yourself feel better, as well as possibly make your symptoms less of a problem in the future.

1.) Avoid Smoke And Other Pollutants

Smoking is the leading cause of COPD, so the first at home step that you want to take is to stop smoking. You are much more likely to get COPD if you smoke, especially if you have smoked over a long period of time. So, if you have COPD, you absolutely need to quit smoking, as well as avoid people and places that have a lot of cigarette smoke. Second hand smoke can cause a lot of damage as well. If there is a lot of dust, pollutants, or toxins in the air, try to wear a surgical mask so you don not breathe these in, because they can irritate your lungs as well.

2.) Reduce Your Stress

Stress can often exacerbate COPD symptoms, like shortness of breath, so keeping your stress under control is very essential to maintaining a healthy body. Often times, some work and home lives can be extremely stressful, and bring on attacks that can worsen your COPD. Take some time each day to unwind and reduce your stress. Whether this is by reading a book, taking a bath, napping, or doing anything that you find enjoyable, make sure to take the time so you do not make your COPD symptoms worse.

3.) Eat Right

Often times, people do not maintain a proper weight or get all the nutrients that they need when they have COPD. Not being able to breathe can cause a person to not want to eat because it hurts and makes symptoms worse when they try and eat. Even this day-to-day activity can be troublesome for people with COPD. It is important to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When eating is not too much trouble, try to get as many nutrients in the foods that you eat as possible. If you cannot get enough vitamins and nutrients from food, try taking supplements recommended by your doctor in order to maintain a healthy body.

4.) Clear Your Airways

When a person has COPD, mucus can collect in your air passage and it can be difficult to clear. It may sound like an awful remedy to try, but control your cough to clear some of that mucus out of your airway. You can also drink a lot of water, and you can use a humidifier to loosen up all the mucus in your air passages.

5.) Breathe Correctly

Breathing correctly, especially if you are doing any exercise, can be essential to a person who is struggling with COPD. You should practice pursed-lip and diaphragmatic breathing, because they can increase blood oxygen levels and help reduce shortness of breath. These breathing techniques can be used when relaxing as well, and can help breathing become much easier when you are short of breath.