We glamorize weddings, and many people say it's the happiest day of their lives. As soon as the ceremony is over, you're supposed to fly off for an ecstatic honeymoon, and then live happily ever after. In reality, getting married is one of life's biggest transitions, and it can involve many confusing feelings. Here are some things that nobody ever tells you about marriage.

1.) It's Natural To Have Doubts.

From the time you decide to the moment you say "I do," it is natural to feel some doubts. That doesn't mean that you aren't in love, or that you should abandon the wedding. It is perfectly normal as you process this major life change.

2.) This May Not Be Your Happiest Day.

Weddings are supposed to be gloriously happy, but there are enormous amounts of stress involved, too. Not only do you have the pressures of the event itself, but you may also feel a sense of loss as you leave your old life behind.

3.) A Perfect Wedding Can't Ensure A Perfect Marriage.

No matter how much you spend on an elegant, beautiful wedding, there's no guarantee it will lead to a perfect marriage. That takes a lot more than flowers and champagne – it takes work and commitment by you both.

4.) You May Get The Post-Wedding Blues.

During the whirlwind of activities before the wedding, you expend a great deal of physical and emotional energy. Once the wedding is over and the crowds of well-wishers disappear, it's natural to feel a bit deflated and down.

5.) You May Wonder If It's Forever.

You will have disagreements, disappointments, and fights. There will be times when you have to deal with the "worse" part of "for better or worse." You may wonder "Is this really going to last?" It is normal to have those feelings.

6.) It Takes Hard Work.

As you settle into married life, you'll find many things you need to work through. As long as you're both committed to making your marriage work, you will be able to overcome almost any obstacle. Just don't expect things to be easy.

7.) It's Not Always 50/50.

Sometimes you may need to carry the larger share of the load in a marriage. Other times, your partner will have to. Things won't always be even or fair, but you both need to pull together as a team to make the marriage work.

8.) You May Lose Some Friends.

Once you're married, you may begin socializing differently, not spending as much time hanging out with your friends, or visiting the same bars you used to. Some friendships may dwindle, but usually others will grow to take their place.

9.) Conflict Resolution Is Key.

Conflicts are inevitable in any marriage. In order to have a lasting and happy relationship, the key is how well you can resolve them. Open and honest communication is important, as is the ability to compromise.

10.) The Wedding Is Just The Beginning.

Some people view a wedding as a finish line, but the reality is that it is only the beginning of your new life. You will have ups and downs, but as long as you can work together, your wedding can be the start of a happy new life.