While some people regard animal neutering to be expensive and unnecessary, it's important to understand that it is actually one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your pet. Neutering or spaying an animal helps it to live a longer, healthier life, while saving you money over time, fighting back against necessary euthanasia, and pet overpopulation. Today, free or low cost animal neutering clinics are beginning to emerge all across the country as a way of ensuring that this form of surgery is affordable regardless of your financial circumstances.

A Healthier Life:

Low cost animal neutering helps to reduce the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer in female pets, which are issues that can prove to be fatal in a significant percentage of both dogs and cats. Spaying a pet before she enters her first heat cycle can offer the best form of protection against these diseases. What's more, aside from preventing unwanted litters, neutering a male pet can help to prevent testicular cancer if the surgery is completed before the animal reaches six months of age.

Importantly, neutering or spaying a pet will not make them fat, so remember this if you think that your pet is beginning to gain weight. Only overfeeding and lack of exercise will cause a pet to start packing on pounds, and neutering should not have an impact on their weight whatsoever.

Improved Pet Behavior:

Often, a male dog that is intact will do anything possible to find a suitable mate, which can include attempting to dig his way underneath your fences and finding new ways to escape the family home. Once your pet is free, he is at risk of injury through fights with other males and dangerous traffic. Similarly, female cats generally yowl throughout all hours of the night, and can urinate all over the house in an attempt to advertise for mates. Neutered pets are more likely to focus their attention on their human families, making them more affectionate and better behaved. Low cost animal neutering can reduce your chances of having to deal with strong-smelling urine and various aggression issues.

Good for The Community:

Low cost animal neutering is a positive thing for your local community, as stray animals can pose significant problems throughout various areas within the country. Stray animals that are unwanted when they are born and cannot find a home may end up preying on local wildlife, causing car accidents, frightening children, or damaging the local ecosystem. Neutering and spaying help significantly in reducing the number of animals left out on the streets.

Every year, millions of dogs and cats of all breeds and ages are sadly euthanized or suffer consistently through a life on the streets. These high numbers are generally a result of the various unplanned litters that might have been prevented through low cost animal neutering. Remember that the cost of having a pet neutered is generally much less than the cost and energy associated with having to care for an entire litter. What's more, neutering also offers a low-cost alternative to having to pay for vet treatment when your unneutered tom cat or dog gets outside and starts fighting with the local strays.