Dating can be very difficult. You often have to make it through dozens of dates with people who clearly are not right for you, in order to find one or two who seem like they might have some potential. After a series of dates like this, it is easy to settle for somebody you know is not ideal for you, just because they are the best that you've found. When you really want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, here are some great tips.

1.) Know Exactly What You Want.

Your list of what you want in a partner needs to encompass personal attributes and values that will last. Think about important qualities like kindness, intelligence, integrity, strength, loyalty, energy, and a sense of humor. Look for someone who shares a common outlook with you on major life issues like raising children. Sure, it's nice to go out with somebody who looks good enough to turn heads on the street, but that is not a recipe for happiness 20 years from now. The looks will change over time, while kindness will still be there.

2.) Be Open To Using The Internet.

You may have some qualms about Internet dating, but there are good reasons why this is such a popular way to meet potential partners. Depending on what website you use, you can usually search for people by criteria like age, geographic area, or keywords. If you are love hiking or gourmet food, it is easy to look for people with similar interests. You can page through profiles of a hundred people in an evening. It would be impossible to find out so much, so quickly, about so many people if you had to meet them all in person.

3.) Take Care Of Yourself.

You need to stay calm through the dating process, taking care of yourself, and loving yourself, too. If you are frazzled and stressed, it will be hard for you to start a relationship with a calm, peaceful person. If you are hard on yourself and full of self-doubt, that can rub off on other people. Always remember that you are human, and you are doing the best you can. If you love yourself and accept yourself as you are, it makes you more attractive to others, too.

4.) Live Your Life.

Don't put everything you want to do on hold while you wait to find the right person to do it with you. Fill your life up with interesting, exciting, and fun people and activities. Make your life as wonderful as it can be, even while you are single. You will be happier and more fun to be around. And when you go on a date and describe all of the things you are doing, potential partners are bound to be impressed. If they enjoy doing some of those same things, then you will have an instant connection.

5.) Expect Someone Human.

If you are expecting Superman, you are doomed to disappointment. Mr. or Mrs. Right will be human, with excellent qualities, as well as some flaws. For a healthy relationship, you need to be able to accept all of these aspects of them. Decide what's most important to you, and be ready to accept imperfections elsewhere.