Have you ever broken somebody's heart, leaving a guy hurt and confused, without even realizing you were doing it? Sometimes you may think you're just being friendly, but a guy can interpret your signals differently, and think you want more than friendship. He gets his hopes up, thinking there is a future for the two of you, only to have those hopes crushed to pieces. To make sure you aren't unintentionally sending the wrong signs, here are some ways that you could be leading him on.

1.) Paying Too Much Attention To Him.

If a guy perceives that you are giving him an inordinate amount of attention, he will often interpret that as meaning that you are attracted to him. There are different ways that this can happen. One is that you could be making too much eye contact with him. If you often look over to catch his gaze, especially while you are talking to other people, it can send the wrong signal. Of course, you want to look at him when it's appropriate, and not just avert your gaze altogether, but don't overdo it.

Another way that this can happen is if you seem unusually absorbed in what he has to say. If it seems like you are hanging on his every word, he will probably feel flattered and pleased, and get the impression that you are interested in him. Laughing heartily at all of his jokes is another action that can fall into this category. You want to laugh when he's funny, but if you are laughing longer or louder than everybody else at the table, you could be leading him on.

2.) Touching Too Much.

When you are interested in somebody in a sexual way, it is normal to initiate personal contact here and there. You might touch his shoulder, or brush up against his thigh. It's not too surprising then, that if you have this type of physical contact with a guy, he will take it as a sign that you are flirting with him and want something more in a relationship. You may think that congratulatory pat on the back, or grabbing his arm when you want to point something out to him, are perfectly innocent actions. On your part they are, but that's probably not how he will see it. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not into the guy, then keep your hands off.

3.) Being Too Nice.

You're friends with him, so you want to be kind and considerate, right? Of course that's true, but this is an area where you need to watch out. If he's feeling down, you may want to go over and start a conversation to cheer him up. If he's had a hard day, you may want to give him a mini-shoulder rub. If you're out hiking together, you may want to point out every wildflower you see along the way. You mean well, but he sees something different. He could think your kind consideration means that you want him. Don't be so nice that you lead him on and set him up for heartache.