Why is it that so many men seem to think it's okay to cheat on their woman? Women around the world have lost faith in men due to cheating relationships earlier in their life. Once burned, twice shy, and they no longer have the same level of trust they once had. Real men don't cheat on their girlfriends and wives, and here are the reasons they don't.

1.) Real Men Don't Need More Notches On Their Belts.

Some guys seem to think that more sexual conquests make them more of a man. They view it as a game, and their trophies are the women they have slept with. It's a shallow sort of game, and the kind that carries the risk of destroying your marriage and your life. Real men don't need to make more conquests in order to feel confident in their manhood. They know they are strong and masculine, and it shows in their actions.

2.) Real Men Can Handle Their Emotions.

The stereotype is that women are the ones who get overly emotional, but most women have an emotional outlet that men don't have – each other. Women share their feelings whether good or bad, and turn to each other for support. Men, on the other hand, tend to bottle it up until they are ready to explode.  This is when a weak man goes on a binge, drinking excessively, and looking for the nearest woman for a sexual release. Real men know how to handle their emotions, so they never get to this point.

3.) Real Men Know Their Priorities In Life.

Real men know what is important in their life. The one woman who they want to stay with forever, and the kids they are raising, are their priorities. They know this is far more important than chasing another woman for a meaningless encounter. Weak men get their priorities all wrong. They may sacrifice their home and their family, for a mindless cheating encounter.

4.) Real Men Have Will Power.

There will be beautiful women you meet in the world. You will want to sleep with them, just because their attractiveness has that effect on you. The difference between weak men and real men is that real men have will power. They can resist that temptation, and control their impulses. They won't jeopardize their life happiness for a quickie with a woman they barely know.

5.) Real Men Take Their Vows Seriously.

This is what having integrity is all about. When you make your wedding vows, you are making a promise to your wife, your minister, and your God. It's a serious matter, and you shouldn't make such vows unless you have every intention of keeping them. Only a weak man would disregard those lightly, choosing to sleep around and cheat on his wife.

6.) Real Men Don't Hurt The Woman They Love.

When you have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, this is a precious thing. You love and cherish each other, and hold each other in a special regard. A real man would never purposely hurt this woman he loves. He feels lucky every time he sees her smile.