First dates can be extremely awkward. Your goal is to learn enough about each other to know whether you have any connection and want to proceed further. Questions are helpful, but you need to work them in conversationally so it doesn't seem like an interrogation. Here are some good first date questions to get you started.

1.) How Was Your Day Today?

This question will let you know if your date tends to take a positive or negative view of their life. If they launch into a five-minute discussion about how horrible their workday was, it could be a clue that they tend to complain a lot.

2.) How Do You Like Your Job?

This can lead to a discussion of where they hope to go in the next few years. Do they plan to stay in a job they like and seek a promotion? Are they planning to quit the job and go back to school?

3.) How Close Are You To Your Family?

For some people, family is an extremely important part of their lives, and if you get involved, you will probably be in contact with their family too. Other people may talk about family conflicts, which can be a significant source of drama.

4.) What Are Your Friends Like?

You can tell something about a person based on the type of friends they have. You can also find out about a person's attitude and values based on how they describe their friends.

5.) What Do You Like To Do On Vacation?

Holidays together can be one of the most enjoyable parts of any relationship, if you enjoy the same type of trips. But if you want to go explore the rainforest while he only takes golf vacations, you could be vacationing alone.

6.) Do You Have Any Pets?

If they have three cats and you can't stand cats, this can be a huge problem. If they have a couple of large dogs that regularly sleep on their bed, you may not be crazy about that either.

7.) What Are You Passionate About?

The things that a person cares about deeply can tell you a lot about their personality. Are they passionate about saving the polar bears? Being involved with politics? Eating locally grown food? Do their passions mesh with your own passions?

8.) Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?

If you're the type who is up before the crack of dawn each day, you will probably get along best with another early bird. It can be challenging for a night person and a morning person to set up a schedule that works for them both.

9.) What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Free Time?

If they say that they have no free time, you could be looking at a workaholic. Assuming they do have free time, do their preferences include some of the activities that you also enjoy?

10.) How Do You Feel About?

This is where you can ask them about the topic you are passionate about yourself. If you are an avid gun collector, and they think guns are the cause of much of society's violence, then you may be incompatible. On the other hand, if you discover that you both adore French Bulldogs, your relationship could be off to a great start.